Friday, August 29, 2008

I wish I had a lot of money right now.

Why did Snippet & Ink have to use this image in one of their inspiration boards???

This silk organza ruffled jacket is beautiful and would be perfect with my dress. Ahhhh...... love..... The thing is, though, that it costs $250. That's a lot of money for an organza jacket that I can't really justify by saying that it will keep me warm (it won't, plus November in Texas is usually not that cold) or that I'll wear it again (with what?). But it's certainly very pretty, and would really compliment the ruffles in my dress.
Have I told you that my dress is silk gazaar?? Which is almost exactly like organza?

Nope. Just can't do it. That $250 could buy us chair covers, or more alcohol, or be put towards our coffee table. Must. Get. Mind. Off. This. Now.

Boo. I'm no fun. When did I become so practical and grown-up?? I feel like my Mom all of a sudden...


Guilty Secret said...

I agree, it's gorgeous, but totally impractical, damnit! :)

Amanda said...

I agree, Elizabeth Dye does amazing work! I'm having Myra from Twigs & Honey make a custom jacket for my dress. She also does wonderful work and charges a lot less. If you want to check her out you can find the link to her blog on my favorites list.

Best of luck!

Hollywood Tai Tai said...

It's perfect for a spring/summer wedding. Since you are getting married in November, that calls for something more dramatic. These are some other stores selling organza/tulle shrugs at a lower price. Though I have to admit they aren't as light and gorgeous.


btw, I am getting married in Nov too!

Hollywood Tai Tai said...

i found cape no 4 for you!

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