Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Couples Shower

This past weekend, we went to a couples shower for some friends of ours that are getting married in February. It was fun, and I'm glad that Chris had a good time as well because he's agreed to a couples shower for us. We've decided on a "Stock the Garage (and our house too!)" party. My sisters are going to throw it for us, but it will be at our house since we live pretty central to our family and friends. Chris is okay with this as long as we don't have to do all the work like cooking, etc., which my sisters and mom have already said they will take care of.

I'm excited and a little relieved that he's agreed to a couples shower. Originally, he didn't want anything to do wit
h a shower, but after this weekend AND being told that yes, he can register for tools, he's playing along. I'm excited because I just think it will be more fun, more like a party. Plus, it'll be nice to get some things to help us fix up our house too! He's already registered for a bunch of tools at Sears, and started a registry at Lowe's! It's pretty cute - I hope he gets a lot of things he wants.

The only downside to the party, I will have to admit, is that I got a major case of house envy. I was kind of pouting about it when we left. The house it was held at was a super cute 1920's Tudor-inspired bungalow cottage... if you're familiar with Dallas, it was in the "M-Streets". Seriously, it was a great house with beamed ceilings, stained glass, plaster walls,
hardwood floors, and I was so envious!! While driving home, Chris asked "So what did you like about the house?". Umm, "EVERYTHING"!
This is very similar to the house where the shower was held:

Really cute, huh?
Yep, and not a crooked doorway to be seen!

*picture of house from Ebby.com


tracy said...

well that sounds good - it does seem like it'll be more fun as a party than a typical shower with the cliche games and everything!

I was reading a blog somewhere and a lady was buying a wedding gift and looked at the registry and they had registered for ipods - strange thing to put on a registry!

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