Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, Martha!

Martha emailed me today (personally, I'm sure) about some eco-friendly craft ideas she's had, and among the belt-buckle frames and tin-can jack-o-lanterns were these gems:

Painted recycled glass vases/jars/bottles. So pretty! And so easy!

How about a birdbath or birdfeeder out of an old basin? I really like this idea, and may use it for a replacement of our birdfeeder, since ours has seen better days.

And when you go to the beach, why not bring along your very own beach-towel bag?? There are so many cute patterened beach towels out there, and any one of them would make into a really cute and washable beach-tote!

This weekend, I have another project at home planned, and if all goes well, I'll tell you what it is and post pics. If it's a horrendous failure.... well, I'll just keep that to myself then.
Are there any cool projects out there that you're working on?
*All photos from Martha Stewart


Linda said...

Love the birdbath basin.

Appletree said...

I love the bottles and I am going to try it. Why wouldn't I think to paint the inside? Why does it take Martha to tell me that? I would have spent hours trying spray paint the outside....duh

LindsB said...

Does she email you everyday like she does me? I love her, we are best friends :)

Jenny.Lee said...

The vases are beautiful. That Martha. lol

Melissa said...

I love the beach towel bag idea! I am always hesitant to take bags to the beach because I don't want them to get sandy but beach towel bag is perfect because you can wash it!

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

i currently have that gloss bottle redo by martha on my to do list!

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