Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Historic Fort Worth Designer Showhouse

I came across this slideshow and article by Rob Brinkley on our local PaperCity website. It covers the 2010 Historic Fort Worth Designer Showhouse, which is the old 1966 home of Eddie and Fran Chiles.

Designed by architect A. Quincy Jones, the house is gorgeous and modern. It's original interior decorator was Billy Haines, and the home still retains lots of original hardware and finishes.

Even more impressive than the Imperial Dishmaster above is the handpainted wallpaper below, which is in the entry and part of the living room. Original?? It was here when Fran Chiles moved out...

So pretty. I love hand painted mural wallpapers. Sersiously, I think you could stick anything in front of them and still end up with a gorgeous room.

Below is another view of the living room, including its Fortuny pendant light and strange and somewhat morbid poster art.

Dining room. Loving the wall-treatment here too, although it's not original. You can see a picture of the original here.

The view from the upstairs dressing room is beautiful. Not a huge fan of the blue chairs or lamp, but again - that backdrop makes almost anything look good.

Fran Chiles was a memeber of the Republican National Committee, and the Chiles' close friends included Ronald and Nancy Reagan who stayed in this room when they came to visit.

That is a Billy Haines' designed elbow chair there by the bed

The study area in Eddie Chiles bedroom. I like the rug and the artwork. The built-in shelves are nice.

The back of the house, showing the pool.

Look good to you? The house is up for sale for only $7 million through Kay Day Real Estate.

The home tour is on through the 24th, and you can learn more about it and the designers who participated here.

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*all above pictures by Rob Brinkley, here


Tara said...

Love that shot of the Dishmaster! Very cool.

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