Thursday, November 6, 2008

One week and 50 and one half hours to go...

Catching up:
My parents, wedding coordinator, and I met with the caterer on Tuesday night, and we're all set to go there! Final numbers are in, the table layout is done, and I'm getting chair covers!!! I know this is not really exciting news to many, but since we are saving a bunch on table linens, and there are less people attending than was originally quoted, they squeaked by to fit into the budget. I wasn't planning on losing any sleep over my lack of chair covers, but since we are getting square tablecloths that won't go to the floor, I do think they'll
make a big difference in the "look".
Last night, Chris and I met with the guitarist who is playing at our ceremony. I'm really excited to have him - he's very talented, and I think the classical guitar will be really pretty and very romantic. Much of what he plays is Spanish-influenced (he studied in Madrid for a year), and I just think it's beautiful! Can't wait for that.

Work has been really really busy the last week or so, which is great! But needless to say, I'm really looking forward to the weekend. (I can't believe that this will be my last weekend as a single-lady!!) I do want to share with you all the bee-u-t
ifulllll rug that I am borrowing from work (with my boss' permission) to use for our ceremony. Since I am responsible for it, I didn't really want a big runner. Plus, having a "runner" was never a big deal to me anyways. Many of them are just long stretches of thin white or ivory material, and they're EXPENSIVE!! With this rug being almost 5' x 9' makes it easy to fold up and carry around. Plus, I thought it would be pretty special to have something so nice to stand on while we exchanged our vows.

In "real-life", it has more navy and blues in it than what it looks like. But it's so pretty, and I'm so grateful for being able to borrow it.

And I haven't forgotten about being tagged!!! Thank you, Jenny Lee!! I'll work on that tonight.


Blablover5 said...

That rug is pretty cool and a super neat idea than standing on those plastic runners.

AmyJean said...

Ohhh its right around the corner! SO EXCITING!

Linda said...

I love that rug. Great idea, Rachel.

tracy said...

sounds like everything is coming together!!! can't believe it's almost time!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oops. I "Tagged" you on my blog, but then just noticed you were tagged by someone else.

Hmmm. Can I "tag" you again?

Jenny.Lee said...

I can't believe your wedding is right around the corner! I love the rug. Beautiful!

Guilty Secret said...

I love the rug idea. Unusual and beautiful.

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