Monday, March 2, 2009

Score!! Don't you love a bargain?

Today is one of those day when things just happened to work out in my favor. Usually what happens is that I'll see something perfect (clothes, home goods, whatever), on sale, but will not have the money in the budget at that particular moment to buy it. When I do, of course I can't find anything.
But today, I'm loving West Elm! I think it was my lucky day!

Behold! My new duvet cover!!
(I didn't get the shams, just the duvet...)

*above picture from

I've been really liking this duvet for a while, but wanted to see my headboard recovered first, before buying it. Also, I'll admit, I'm a bargain shopper and like to wait until things go on sale. So, you'll understand my happiness that it was on sale for $59 online. That's a good deal, but I really wanted to see it in person, just to make sure (plus it gave me an excuse to go to West Elm). And so I found it at our local store, the last one in stock. And guess what their price was?? $39.00! Can you say SOLD?

So, this is what it is going with. Sorry for the crap pictures, I am getting better, I promise! But the actual color of the fabric is somewhere in between these two pics. But I like the contrast of the kind of modern geometry with the floral.

Now I just need to figure out drapes.


Linda said...

Yes, I do love a good bargain. Congrats on the new duvet cover. I love the pattern.

Jenny.Lee said...

Score!!! That's awesome!

Krista said...

Ooh I like the duvet cover. And I like sales. It's double happiness!

rebekah at ead living said...

Have you found the sale prices in store are always better than online??

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