Friday, February 26, 2010

Let's talk about rugs

I love this room.

When I think of decorating a room, rugs can be such an important component.

I think this rug would look beautiful in the room above, with it's washed out and faded design of cool tones. This is a new rug, made to look antique.

There are so many choices out there for rugs, made out of many different materials.

Cowhide rugs don't have to be hide-shaped. This rug is constructed with small rectangles, like a subway tile.

But you don't have to have a real animal skin. Here is Mrs. Blandings wing chair and boots on top of an antelope print carpet. Antelope print is really popular as an alternative to leopard or zebra.

Of course, striped carpets are a great pattern to work with (and look especially good on stairs!)

Brightly colored rugs can make a huge impact on a room.

And they can give you a color palette to work with.

But, neutral and softly colored rugs can really be beautiful too. I love really graphic patterns rendered in soft neutral colors.

Natural fiber rugs like sisal, seagrass, or jute are awesome. So so popular now because of their go-with-anything look and affordable price. They are great on their own or layered with another rug on top.

I love this picture from Country Living last fall! This is a flat-weave rug that was cut into pieces and put on the stairs as a runner. When you're installing a stair runner, it doesn't have to be one continuous length of carpet. Each step can be a separate piece, as they are either attached with tack strips or glued down.

Don't forget about your floors! Rugs and carpets really add to your room - bringing color, softness, and defining a space. Just please don't get an ugly one...

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


my favorite and my best said...


love the runner. and i will never tire of sea grass and his brother jute.

rebekah said...

I'm a recent convert to rugs. As I can only just now afford anything more than discount store rugs! I love the idea of having summer/winter rugs where you change out your look seasonally.

Linda said...

I like the blue rug with the white room. It really makes the room.

LindsB said...

I love a great quality rug, they do add so much to a space!

Have a great weekend!!

Emily A. Clark said...

Love rugs; use them everywhere! I think they are a great starting point for a room's design.

Haven and Home said...

Excellent collection of images!!!! I LOVE rugs!!!!

Andry said...

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SogniSorrisi said...

The right rug really changes the look of a room.

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