Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday musings

This image is of a Texas garden (specifically somewhere in DFW), and it makes me anxious for springtime. I'm ready to get out in the garden and make it look pretty again! But I'm excited for the next few weeks, too. The daffodil bulbs that I planted last November are starting to send up small stalks, and they might be in bloom sometime in the next month! I planted them around a tree in our backyard that our kitchen window looks out over. During this time of year, it's pretty dreary and gray out there. It will be nice to have some pretty daffodils to look out on.

I am now working on decorating another sister's apartment (I have 2). She just moved this weekend, and we went out yesterday shopping for pillows and accessories. We found some GREAT pillows at Home Goods, along with some blue and white pottery, and a side table. The pillows looked awesome on her sofa, so much so that I have been thinking of them all day and daydreaming that they came home with me instead!!

Next week is my birthday, and I'm feeling a little "middle-aged" about it. But, I'm not finding anyone to really commiserate with. At work, I am the youngest by at least 12 years, so I'm not getting any sympathy there. At Chris' work, many of the girls I'll see out at happy hours are in their early to mid-twenties. Surely they too think that 34 is "old", but it's a little depressing when they tell me "...but you don't look that old at all!" It reminds me of when I was their age, and 34 seemed just ancient. I've decided that I need a friend who is 33, or about to be. Just a little younger than I am. That way, I can get the appropriate sympathy for my birthday and how "old" I will be, but it's not the "give-me-a-break" sympathy of somebody older nor the far-removed sympathy of somebody much younger. A 33-year old could truly sympathize because they are about to be 34 too... Maybe we could hold hands or something.

The other week I saw a bumper sticker on a Prius that read "Your SUV makes your butt look big". Sitting behind him at the light, in my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I was a little hurt/offended, or whatever you call it. I realize that this little balding man was doing his part to save on gas, emmisions, or what-have-you by driving this Prius, but I didn't think it gave him the right to get all nasty towards SUV drivers! I wanted to yell out WHY I was driving an SUV, (namely that it was paid off, I can't really afford a car payment, and it comes in handy for work when I often lug large rugs and samples out to client sites) in defense of myself. But then that kind of made me mad - that I wanted to defend myself to some stranger in the car in front of me, all because of his stupid bumper sticker. So, I decided instead that I need to look for a bumper sticker for the old Jeep, one that says "That Prius or Smart Car you're driving makes your d*ck look small". ;-)

So that's what's on my mind today... how's your Monday going?


Linda said...

I just turned 34 last month. I totally understand the middle aged feeling. But you are still so young and vibrant with plenty of experiences left. Celebrate what you've done and what you have left to do. That helps me get through it. Remembering I ain't done yet!
Yes, you should get a Prius makes your d*ck look small sticker. If he can be rude so can you :) Don't let the haters get you down :)

Haven and Home said...

Hope you had a great Monday, let's start the birthday countdown. 34 really is so young.

nkp said...

I feel your pain, honey, my birthday is on the 22nd and I'll be, wait, *gasp* 37! Ouch, that hurt just a little. I'm not quite sure what to think of that, but it's better than the alternative. Right?

So happy early birthday. You're not getting older, just better.

nkp said...
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my favorite and my best said...


my favorite and my best said...

i forgot to suck it!

Anonymous said...

I'm probably not the best person for sympathy for feeling middle aged, but I'll wish you a very Happy Early Birthday regardless! :)

Do you have any exciting plans for your birthday?

Marie said...

Very exciting working with the other sister on house design. I too have 2 sisters but one is abroad so we don't get to do things like this together. And on the age front, yes it is scary but perhaps less so if you learn to embrace it and enjoy it. Although of course that's easier than it sounds!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

ummm i'm a little late to the game but your bumper sticker reply is PRICELESS! I love it and totally agree/would put one on my car!

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