Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ty Pennington and Good Design?

Extreme Home Makeover has really been doing some good design work on some of their shows. Last week's episode had several rooms that I loved, like this bathroom:

And this kitchen:

This is a desk area in a girl's bedroom where they lined the walls in a fabric that mimics hay because she loves horses.

The design team has really been using some fantastic pieces, like this chandelier from Bobo Intriguing Objects:

Also in the Master Bedroom (which I couldn't find a picture of!!) was a row of these picture stands from Mothology, holding the love notes the mother and father had written together (*sigh* so sweet):

It was a beautiful backdrop to the bed and headboard.

I found myself seeing lots of great design ideas incorporated into the house, like a deep drawer that pulls out from under the sink, instead of a regular cabinet with a door, which makes organization so much easier.

Do you watch this show??
(Does it make you tear up too??)


Erica @ Decorica said...

I haven't watched the show this season, but when I used to I would always cry a little. You're right, that bathroom is awesome!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I love extreme home makeover, I always get all teary when I watch. Their designs are so incredible and inspirational....I would love to pay them to do a house for me!

Linda said...

I haven't watched in a long time. But that kitchen doesn't look like a kitchen. It looks like a spa!

LindsB said...

I usually DVR it and then fast forward to the end part. Sometimes I hate the design, and sometimes I love it- I'm with you, I loved this past weeks!

my favorite and my best said...

too sad.
but the design is cute this week for sure..
isn't a previous bachelorette one of the designers now??

Haven and Home said...

Cry like a baby every time!

Emily said...

I can't watch this show without tearing up!

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