Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stark on Modern Family last night

We didn't watch it yet (it's still on the DVR at home), but Stark Carpet was mentioned on Modern Family last night.
That is a Stark rug on the show, but contrary to what they say, it can be cleaned.
(Wool is the easiest carpet to clean)


Bring Pretty Back said...

LOVE Modern family!
I think I need a stark rug!
Have a pretty day!

Bring Pretty Back said...

although.... I think it is a bit out of my price range! ( :
The episode was hilarious, as always. Those dang juice boxes!
Have a pretty day!

bikim said...

lovely blog!
happy day!

rebekah said...

Loved that episode.

Jerico Jien said...

amazing blog.....

Jerico Jien said...

you have a very nice blog...great job :)

Krista said...

I miss your posting, but I understand as I haven't posted in months.

I'm just posting this comment right now for a slightly selfish reason. You have lots of followers ... and my friend is trying to win some money towards her wedding dress. The contest closes in 10 days, and she's nowhere near winning. Would you consider posting it on your blog?

If so, email me or go to either of my blogs tomorrow (they're scheduled to post at 6:00 am EST, which I think is 5:00 AM for you). I have all the details going up on my blogs at that time with voting information. Or email krista (dot) thompson (at) gmail (dot) com ...

Anyway, msg, email or check out my blogs if you want to support Cheryll's attempt to win part of the cost of her dress! Thanks!

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