Thursday, January 22, 2009

Honest Scrap!

I was tagged by Miss Shugarman from the Sweet Wife to tell 10 honest things about me!
So here goes:

  • 1. I don't drink coffee. I don't like the bitter taste. And yes, I've tried a cappuchino - still tastes like coffee. I am an admitted Diet Coke addict.
  • 2. I need - *REALLY NEED* - to start working out again as my clothes are starting to get too tight. In fact, and this is honest here, folks - I ripped the inside lining to a pair of pants the other day by bending over. Yeah. That's a good feeling.
  • 3. I really wish I could open my own little store. That would be my ultimate dream someday. And if I do, I would want it to be as awesome as Red in Fredricksburg. I think they took my dreams and made them into reality.
  • 4. I don't have that many close friends anymore, and I really wish I could meet more! Most of my good friends that I used to have either A) moved away B) have lost touch C) or both. I'm really close with my sisters, which is great! But I really wish I had a great girl friend to gripe with!
  • 5. I kind of feel like a dork telling you about my lack of really close friends... but seriously! Where do you meet new friends when you're 32? And not a Mom? Needless to say, that's why you all out there really cheer me up, and I really appreciate it!
  • 6. I'm not really that close with my Mother-in-law... we don't quite see eye to eye on most things.... and that's all I will say. Luckily, Chris and I agree on most things.
  • 7. I am a total night owl. It's really hard for me to wake up early. If I could set my own schedule, it would be: wake up at 8:30 AM and go to bed around midnight.
  • 8. I used to be a history major when I was first in college, before switching to Interior Design. I wanted to be a high school teacher.
  • 9. I have hypothyroidism, which means that my thyroid doesn't produce enough hormone. I've been on medication since I was 17. While I will admit that it makes me a little more prone to gain weight easily, I don't believe that it is why I'm heavier than I want to be. That's because I haven't really exercised regularly since the wedding, and I ate too much over the holidays. An underactive thyroid will not cause you to be fat or obese.
  • 10. I am seriously considering chopping off my hair! At least to about my shoulders. Right now, it falls just under my bra strap (and that's when it's dry). I'm just kind of tired of it. It doesn't really have any "style" to it, and it gets in the way a lot.

Okay, I'm supposed to tag 5 people, but I'm just going to leave it open - if you'd like to tag yourself, be my guest!!


Lindsey said...

You don't drink coffee?! How do you wake up? haha loved this post and learning more about you.

AmyJean said...

Loving your new page :)


Blablover5 said...

I don't drink coffee much either. If anything when I do have a warm drink I want to go to sleep.

tracy said...

You need to add more cream and sugar to your coffee!! I don't like bitter either but I love coffee (I still drink it even though now I don't drink caffeine).

Ya it was hard to meet new friends when I was 28 and just divorced but it happened. Just gotta get out there and try new things. You really should check out and see if there's any groups in your area that you are interested in. I warn you though, while all the Nashville groups are totally normal, I have heard that some cities are a bit odd. But it wouldn't hurt to try!!

Cyd said...

This is a fantastic post...I'm glad you were tagged! No worries about the pant lining ripping...I've had similar woes going on over here post-holidays, although things are getting better now that I'm back at the gym.

London bride said...

Me too on the cutting hair, am excited now I can but scared about what it might turn out like! But yes, do it, a new hair cut can make you feel so different. And thanks for the other titbits about yourself, it's so lovely to learn more about you.

rebekah at ead living said...

So when I went to college, I was so proud because I never gained the Freshman 15. I was all smug because I was so in shape (thanks to regular gym trips, smoking and drinking heavily). Notice I said in shape, not healthy. Now? I've gained the First Year 15. It's so pathetic. I'm going back home in one week to see friends (for the first time in three years). I'm freaking. Glad someone else shares my issue.

Anonymous said...

Oof---I feel you on the total lack of friends. The huz and my mom are pretty much my only friends, and mom lives thousands of miles away! It's tough working up the courage to get out there and meet new people---I hate making the getting to know you small talk, too. And it's made even worse by the fact that I started working from home last summer. I don't talk to ANYONE all day long!

If you figure out the secret, let me know!

The Cwtch said...

Lovely blog! I agree on so many of your points - I'm not a coffee fan at all - I'm a tea lady all the way, I'm absolutely a night owl - although my fella is definitely a morning man (!) and I'm contemplating going for a hair chop but a bit worried about looking foolish!

Krista said...

Oops .. didn't mean to double-tag you! I read this post and thought it was fun, but obviously I forgot you were already nomianted. Sorry! ... It is a fun award, so I am sure I'll enjoy reading 10 more random facts! :)

Katherine said...

I looove your new page, too! Uber cute.

I can't drink coffee, either- I'm right there with you about the taste. I adore the way that it smells though.

Re: friends- do you know many other DFW area bloggers? I know That Wife has moved to Dallas- maybe we should have a DFW are blogger girl's night out?

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