Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday inspirations

I'm not sure if everyone knows this or not, but before we had issues with our computer at home (it was a faulty cable), my computer at work died. After a new hard drive, a new DVD drive, more memory, and a totally clean slate - I'm back to normal. Unfortunately, though, all the little interior pictures I had stashed away were gone.
So, I've been surfing around and saving all new things I've found and loved.

Here are some of those things that I came across this week:

This plate collage is perfect. I'm in love, and would copy it in a heartbeat if I could afford to. I've now been introduced to John Derian and his decoupage plates, and I think I've just found something of value that I want to "collect". These would look great in my dining room.

*image from Carolina Eclectic via Desire to Inspire

This next image is from Kelly + Olive, and is definitely an idea I would steal. If I could figure out where to hang it.... It's a DIY ceiling paper-lantern project that uses an existing light fixture base. Very cool.

*image from Kelly+Olive

This is a rug that I'm working on right now. It's made out of those plastic strips that used to be used on those older outdoor folding chairs - those kind of skinny see-through plastic strips?? Well, anyways, this is going out by a pool area at a boutique hotel here in Dallas. How cool is this?? I just wanted to share.

*picture from me

I love the quality of light in this next image - so warm. And I love the wood ceiling, and the tall wainscotting. It's just a very welcoming room.

*image from the Remodeling Guy

This cupboard has a great finish, and I love the glass doors. I've always loved glass doors on cupboards. But the finish is old and stripped-down looking, which I find very interesting right now. I would love to refinish my cabinets this way in my kitchen.

*image from In This Instance

I love this next picture - I could frame it and hang it on my wall! But what draws me is the wall texture. This is another thing I'd love to try and recreate. I'm sure it's a multi-step plaster process, but it's beautiful.

*image from the Style Files

Lately I've been considering using a really neutral palette in my living room - pale neutrals, with an accent of green (our big leather chair). If I go ahead with that, it will be sort of a "guerilla" job as I'll try to get it done next time Chris is out of town! But this next picture is anything but neutral. The pink walls, the blue and red accents - it's fun. The dark floor grounds it, and the white keeps it fresh. I like it.

*image from Urban Grace Interiors

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Check back next week for pictures of our new foster pup, Charlie. I'll have "before" and "after" as he needs a haircut and bath, badly. Right now he's looking like a Mongolian Sheep... really really fluffy. Hopefully we'll be able to lighten his load a little, which will cool him off quite a bit, but still keep his cuteness.


Courtney said...

aw, thanks for the love! ha ha, we're totally learning along the way too!

Jenny.Lee said...

there is something about that last picture that i am loving!

Julie said...

I love the 6th picture from top. The painting and the tones in the room are perfect.

Erika said...

I love the decor inspirations! Your style is great--the plate collage is totally cute! Thanks for sharing; enjoy your weekend!

Biba said...

Love the idea of mixed plates on the wall!

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