Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seeing spots

My new leopard print hall runner.

I thought that having an animal print runner in the hallway might be kind of fun. There's nothing really else going on in there, so I thought it could liven it up a bit.
Which it does. Not sure yet whether or not I think it's TOO lively, but I'll give it some time. The nice thing is that it's not permanent, so if I do end up kind of hating it there, I can always move it. But I think it's kind of cool. We'll see - my mind's not quite made up one way or the other yet.
Riley and the other dogs seem to like it though.

Riley needs a haircut, by the way.


Blablover5 said...

That sure is wild. At least the puppies enjoy it. Probably already staking out which is the comfiest spot to lay on or kick up an edge here and there to make a pillow.

Marie said...

Is Riley a miniature Schnauzer? So so cute. And the hall runner is pretty cool too!

Hannah Noel said...

lol that is so awesome

Jenny.Lee said...

I for one am a fan but I dig the safari thing alot!

LindsB said...

Yes!! This is exactly what I need in my desk area- love this!

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