Monday, April 20, 2009

My Garden, part deux

We spent Sunday working in our yard, and I have some more finished pictures of my flowerbed to show. We still need to add mulch, but for the most part, it's done.
Now it's just time for these plants to grow!

This first picture is of our tiny apple tree (that's still hanging on, after nearly dying each of the last 2 years). From the left of the picture is some Stonecrop (a small, low, groundcover), my pomegranate bush, and 2 perenial pin-cushion flowers. In front of the tree and to the right are 4 strawberry plants, and a coral autumn sage bush. The decorative rocks came from my parents' place in Granbury - lots of rocks there!

This view is to the left of the apple tree. From the right side of the photo we have Paprika Yarrow surrounding another rock, an Indian Hawthorne bush, blue Veronica (a perenial with little blue flowers), a Texas Sage bush, a Calla Lilly plant (pink), an orange Day Lily, another Indian Hawthorne bush, another rock, and my Japanese Maple with purple clover and a Holly Fern underneath.

It all seems so small and sparse right now - I'm looking forward to everything growing and blooming! The Pomegranate bush blooms with these beautiful orange flowers, and the Texas Sage with small purple flowers!
I'll be sure to post more once it all starts blooming and filling in.


Jenny.Lee said...

It looks great but I can't wait to see it all in bloom!

Linda said...

It's all shaping up! Soon it will all be blooming!

Amanda said...

I need a garden. And an indoor Meyer Lemon Tree.

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