Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Check out my "new" vintage chair

Yes, the upholstery is ugly. It kind of reminds me of a time when Duran Duran were big... but that is of no matter! With a few coats of paint (or dark dark stain, we haven't decided yet), and some new prettier fabric, this chair is going to be gorgeous!

I'd been kind of keeping my eye out for a smaller side chair that I could use for extra seating when we needed it. I wanted it to be 1. inexpensive 2. comfortable 3. able to be moved around easily. In fact, I had been imagining a kind of a barrel-backed chair with caning as what I wanted, so when I spotted this, it was perfect!

My weekend went really well, we had a great time with our friends in from New Orleans! Friday night was a poker party (which I did not win any money from... boo), and Saturday we grilled out and played Guitar Hero: Metallica. One word - hard. Much harder than regular ol' Guitar Hero, not that I'm ANY sort of expert. But when you have it on "Beginner", and you're having a hard time just strumming fast enough, you kind of have a clue!!

By the way, I think I now have carpal tunnel in my wrist from playing so long! Has anyone else had this problem??


MissBliss said...

Wow, I actually redid a very similar pair of these a few years back. I wish I had pics!

They were orange-- lovely 70's orange velvet like material and dark wood.

I painted them white and found a fabulous fabric... and learned about staple guns!!!

Passed them on after a move, but what a fun project and they were actually really solid and comfortable chairs... your project will be great!

Blablover5 said...

You should make curtains to match, get some shag carpeting and then you can have a lovely 70's room.

Metallica on Rock Band makes me break out into terror sweats. There's a lot of screaming and hanging on.

Jenny.Lee said...

That chair is so cute, definitely lots of potential!

LindsB said...

What a fun chair to get re-covered!! I think if you added casters to it, it would be perfection!

PS- I have an obsession with casters lately and dont have the project yet to use them with, I'm jealous of this chair because it would be perfect :)

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