Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How our garden grows

Upside down!!!

We made our own "Topsy Turvy", and it's been working really well! This tomato plant will be the first to produce. Chris thinks next year we should have our whole garden like this.... lol!

I tell more about it over at EAD today.

Oh, and yes, after being fairly sunny yesterday, it's overcast and supposed to rain again today! Ugh! After Saturday's monsoon, I'm ready for the sunshine. I know we need the rain, but can it come, like, once a week or something?


Jenny.Lee said...

We've had rain and over all dreariness non-stop for more than a week now. :(

melissa said...

What a clever idea. Someday when I have a garden I want to try it.

Erika said...

Nice! Thanks for the idea! I've been so tempted to buy the Topsy Turvy from the infomercial...but my hubby things I'm crazy! Maybe I'll do it myself--that way he can't complain! hehe.

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