Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cool things

I thought I'd share with you some cool design things I've seen lately.

The first two are from Jennifer Delonge. Storage boxes used as tables with chalkboard paint on top! How cool.

These are some new rugs we (at work) have. The first one is cow-hide rectangles laid in a subway pattern. Please excuse the wrinkles, but I think this is one of the prettiest rugs. Plus, it's treated with silicone, so it's stain resistant (but still soft!).

This rug is showing a nailhead trim on the binding. It was something new to us, and because the carpeting and binding were so thick, a special technique had to be invented and used. But I think it's a cool look - something different. I'm not so sure about the carpet pattern, but whatevs.... it would probably look better with a sisal or seagrass field.

Work is still keeping me hopping! Which is good, but we still have to work short weeks every other week. I think it's because business is still slow in some of our larger showrooms - so they're spreading the pain around. Yay.
In the meantime, I've got several orders that need processing (again - yay!), so hopefully this short-week thing really will end on Labor Day and we can go back to getting paid normally.

Chris is home this week and next, which is nice, so I'm also hoping to get some things done around the house. We still have a bunch of things to go through, and after being totally lazy this weekend and last night, it's time to get moving on this stuff.
Oh, and I'm going to try and waterseal my new seagrass rug. I'll let you know how that turns out....


Caroline said...

That's an awesome idea!

Blablover5 said...

The cowhide rug is really neat. It's got almost an optical illusion going on.

If I could I would put chalkboard stuff all over the place. I miss the fun of writing and making a mess with chalk. Whiteboard markers will never be as much fun.

I've been tempted to take a hunt of wood and spray paint it. Maybe make a kitchen sign or something.

Jenny.Lee said...

I love those boxes and both rugs. Very cool!

Linda said...

Chalk board paint is pretty addictive. I'm scared to start. I might paint everything.

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