Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little Wednesday shopping

They are having a sale on ABS Essentials (a new line from Allan Schwartz) over at Ideeli today, and I picked up these 2 cute dresses for under $80, including shipping!

The first dress is cotton (lined), and kind of has a cute suzani-like pattern going on. It looks really breezy and comfortable, but still cute. $29.

This dress is so cute - I don't really have a "need" for a dress quite this formal/dressy, but it was too cute and too good of a deal to pass up - $39! Personally, I think this would also make a cute bridesmaid dress. But I'm sure I'll find a place to wear it, even if I have to throw a wrap over it in the winter!

If you're interested, the sale lasts until tomorrow - but get there soon for the best selection of what's available!!!
You can use this link here to join (for free):

I will hopefully be posting some more about our weekend tonight. Don't worry, nothing amazing happened, it's just that I forgot my camera at home today!!! We did put up some shelving in the garage, and had a nice barbeque for my dad on Sunday. The dogs sunbathed (have some cute pictures!) and we tried to stay as cool as possible!!

**UPDATE: I am obviously going for the world record for number of times the word "cute" can be used to describe something!!! OMG.
I left it all up in my original text for your reading pleasure.


Jenny.Lee said...

Those are both great finds! I love the pattern on the first one and the color is to die for on the second.

Linda said...

I love both of those dresses! Too cute.

Blablover5 said...

I like the last one. Very breezy.

You have to come check out cute puppy pictures too. There's about 40 of them because I'm crazy like that.

Krista said...

basically...i'm going right now :)
thanks! and the dresses are super cute!

Hannah Noel said...

I LOVE both of those dresses! I am heading there right now :)

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