Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To-do list:

1. Bathe and trim the dogs.

2. Spray paint the tops of my Ikea cannisters (currently silver) to an antiqued bronze-y black, like these from Pier 1.

3. Spray my new seagrass rug with Thompson's Water Seal. Yep. Maybe the little "accidents" that seem to frequently happen where this rug will be (which is close to the back door) won't be able to soak in now. That is a good thing (cuz' there's another 2 that aren't in this pic!).

4. Make a mini-blind roman shade. I found some fabric I like to use, and these directions from the Little Green Notebook make it sound fairly easy! I love roman shades, and I've been wanting one to go over my window in our kitchen forever. Couldn't quite find one that I liked and that we could afford. Enter a $19 sale window panel and these directions and *PRESTO*!!

Plus, all the usual still-trying-to-get-the-office-organized, fold up laundry, do something about our mail system, clean house, do dishes.... fun stuff.
Is there anything big on your to-do list??


Jenny.Lee said...

Good luck with your to-do's! I love that shade!

Linda said...

Clean. I've gotten all the little decor stuff done for now.
Looking forward to hearing how your list goes when you have time :)

Blablover5 said...

You have some neat ideas, especially with the water seal on the rug. I should really do that to one of ours that's gonna go under the kitchen table.

The doggies should like being quite less hairy for summer.

Krista said...

good luck with the to-do's :) i like the spray paint idea!

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