Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...to be better organized

I don't understand how some people do it. I just don't.
How can some of my fave bloggers work full-time, manage a couple blogs (I'm talking about you Ami and Bekah), keep them all up to date with the blog rolls and new designs, etc., and still find free time to do other stuff - like clean the house, give the dogs a bath, fold and put up laundry.... you know, all the boring things that I've been neglecting over the past week!

I am *kinda* done at my client's house. We still need to hang the curtains - which is a BIG part of the room, hence no "after" pics yet- but other than that, we have everything else arranged! It feels so good to have gone through this process and come out the other end with a sucess on our hands. Her budget was tiny - around $1000 to $1500 total - so we didn' t do the dream makeover you see in magazines, but I will say that I think it looks great! Big change from where she was before. And most importantly? She likes it.

So, now, from here, I am working on my sister's new appartment. So far we have walls painted and things moved in. This will be a much slower paced project as she's going to be buying things along the way instead of all at once. That's great because you can really take your time looking around. But it's bad because depending on how slow you take, by the time you're "done", you'll be ready to start over! Anyways, most importantly for her is a console table piece that we're going to use for her little bar. I'm so excited about her place - it's really going to be a fun and cool bachelorette pad!!

On top of that, I've been slowly pulling my own house together. And trying to get better at sewing, as well as come up with some creative ideas for a side business.

So I fear that my blogging has suffered. Last week I literally didn't have the mental brain power (or much free time, to be honest) to really come up with anything that I thought was interesting for EAD Living, and I so wanted to contribute. But the juices were dried up. With Chris out of town this week, I don't know how to gain access to our wedding photos which are stored on an external harddrive. Yes, he's shown me before, but I am a total novice with computers (I only look semi-smart on this blog). So a wedding recap being finished is out of the question for this week. Which also brings up my point that I've been thinking of updating the look of my own blog.... but how to incorporate the things I'd like?? And exactly what IS IT that I like, anyways???
There are so many beautiful and fun blogs out there that the writers put so much work into, and I just wonder sometimes how it is that they get it all done. Do they watch TV at all? Eat? Sleep? Go outside? I'd love for my blog to be that awesome, but I fear that sometimes my brain is simply empty of any unique or interesting ideas. Rather than just throwing stuff up that I feel like anyone could know ("Duh"), I would like to post on some interesting topics - or at least on something that's unique to me.

At least with the closing of this project, things will be slowing down for me. I'll have time to clean house tonight. I'm sure I'll only get part of it done, but at least the fur-bunnies will stop chasing me as I walk down the hall!

Any ideas from out there? How do all you super-women do it?


Blablover5 said...

It's easy, you just hook a thermocycler up to a Xerox machine and boom instant clone. The trick is remembering which is which.

I may be able to walk you through the external hard drive steps if it's a USB. We have all of our pictures stored on that.

Linda said...

I'm very lucky to have a job with internet access and loads of downtime. So I do lots of online stuff at work. No writing blog posts but plenty of researching.
I also block off time to do certain things. When I get home, relax and hang with Tai. Then make dinner, check fb, check blogs, write blog post if necessary (some times I write a few ahead of time). On weekends, I think of upcoming blog posts and I try to write them then-usually on Sunday.
Don't stress about posting all the time. Also think about short posts you can do. Once you get a routine or pattern down things will just swim along!

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I have no idea...I struggle with keeping everything together!

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm lucky because I am usually able to blog at work. Otherwise my post would be few and far between!

Krista said...

No idea how they do it! I'd like to know, too! Although people who need less sleep (naturally) apparently get more done. I need about 8 hours sleep, so that's not me!

As for decorating ... I like your plan. But Wade wants to do the office first so we can store things in there. We'll see. Wade does more of the organizing than I, so I'll let him decide what to do first!

And we got a curveball tonight. A friend of ours has a gorgeous house, and is planning on moving in about 5 years. We said we'd be interested, so he should give us first-dibs on it. Well, apparently 5 years is 6 months, because they're going to sell it. So now we have to decide: stay put or move. My job is on contract that ends in November, so it's a gamble! Plus, we'll be moving out of the city into the country.


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

you are so sweet and don't think for a minute that i missed that shout out. lol

it's hard, i have to say. i pretty much have no life! (only mildly kidding). i do have a great husband who cooks/cleans etc and that really helps but overall i just eat, sleep, work, and blog!

oh - and re: blog brain-freeze, which i get often, now you know why i have you girls!!!

rebekah said...

My job was REALLY flexible (when I had one), and blogging/writing is my hobby. Those are the things I had working for me. But up until I quit EAD and then my job, I had almost completely stopped exercising and had serious heartburn for months. As for the creative juices, go do something you wouldn't normally do. A free exhibit at the museum, the botanical gardens, etc. It also helps to blog less frequently. Who cares if it's once a week? Readers always get used to a new schedule.

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Wish I knew...I am always running around, working, kids, home, blogging, creating canvas's... have to remember to infuse some fun once in a while...

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