Friday, November 20, 2009

Butcher Block Counters

One of these days, we'll tackle and re-do our kitchen. The cabinets desperately need a new coat of paint, they need new hardware, our appliances (except for the dishwasher) have seen better days, and our countertops are older laminate. Boo.
Previously, we've purchased some tile on sale for the counters, but the longer we wait, the more I start to think about other options. Due to our teeny-tiny budget, things like marble and granite are out of our range, but butcher block counters are a surprisingly affordable option.

I love the gray-ed wash on the cabinets here.

These counters look like they've just been oiled, or maybe polyurethaned.

Black cabinets and worn butcher block.

If only my kitchen was this light and bright!

Ikea is awesome. You can get an 8' piece for $59.00! Granted, it's the thinner 1 1/8-inch thickness, but still. Solid beech wood, and totally within our budget. I'm liking butcher block more and more.
Happy Friday!


Linda said...

I like that first one. The faded green is on my favorite kitchen colors.

Blablover5 said...

I personally love the idea of butcher block because unlike the other options it's actually functional.

Plus I've seen way too many things that can stain granite and it seems to passe now. Everyone wants granite and stainless steel. Ho hum.

Haven and Home said...

Love the greyish and the black cabinets!

my favorite and my best said...

i think butcher block is a fantastic choice for a counter whatever the budget. but if i had the space i would still spring for a slab of marble island? around the sink? something. have you tried ebay or anything like that to see if people are selling it? marble that is..

Krista said...

I love all those kitchens.

Our house has honey coloured cabinets. That's not exactly my look - I'd go with something rich and darker, either black or dark brown. But it's still a beautiful wedding.

Krista said...

Oh, and thanks for the advice on Princess. I think you're right, it wasn't a play nip. I am not sure if she was nervous or protecting me. I have replayed it in my mind many times, and it's either one or the other: fear or protection.

I was mad at her all yesterday evening, and she totally knew it.

I am trying not to appear nervous or upset around Princess. I know she picks up on my mood.

I can't wait for getting Princess trained.

Alan, Christin, and Isabella said...

I understand kitchen makeover!! I'll trade my 1950's green carpeted, pink who knows what material counter tops, no dishwasher, in desperate need of a paint job kitchen/laundry room any day!! I do like the idea of the butcher block counters though and I think they would look really great in your kitchen!

Kristin said...

Wow, what a sweet deal. And what a fabulous look! I just love it with the white cabinets.

Anonymous said...

I am drooling at those kitchen pictures. It makes me really want a new kitchen - we were thinking about it but then decided that it would be too much, especially since I am in school still.

I also love the idea of the butcher's block. Once we move into an actual house, I think it would be great to get one as I usually some things on the counter anyways. (Shh. Don't tell my husband. :P)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Are you for real??? I love all these pics and I just love that look... I need butcher block!!!!

Great piece!

Maggie said...

I have two friends who installed Ikea butcher block counters in their kitchens and they LOVE them. Both kitchens looks fantastic and it's so hard to argue with that price!

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