Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Ornaments?

Of course, we've already seen the Christmas decorations, all ready to spring forth and be totally in our faces as of today (you know, now that it's November).

I normally don't think "Christmas" at this time of year. But, I am kind of in a quandry. I received the Crate and Barrel Holiday catalog last week, and in it were these ornaments. I actually saw these at Crate and Barrel last year and really liked them. I love the colors, and I like that they are hand-painted.
But, with the wedding and all going on, they weren't top of my priority list. Plus, they're not the cheapest. $40 for a set (although, you do get the lovely red storage box included...). So, I thought I'd wait and catch them on sale after the holidays - but that didn't happen. Since this is something they sell every year (I'm assuming here), I guess they hold whatever they don't sell for the next year.

Earlier this year, we received a late wedding gift.... a gift card to Crate and Barrel that we've been holding on to.

So.... knowing that they won't go on sale.... and that I have a gift card.... do I get them? Or do I find a more practical item for the gift card?


my favorite and my best said...

practical shmactical. in my nearly 40 years i KNOW that when extra money is around spending it on something impractical is the only way to spend it. you will be glad you did every christmas.

Katherine said...

um, you get them! those are adorable!

Erika said...

YOU GET THEM!! I have this exact ornament set and tree & I LOVE IT!! I got so many compliments on them during the holiday season last year. This is the perfect decor accent to any room. Plus you can use the tree year-round since you can now find 'ornaments' for Fall, Spring & Summer colors! (umm, I should go now, I sound like a commercial! LOL!)

Krista said...

Is there something you need for the house? Something that can't wait and is a little expensive and that gift card is really needed to buy?

If not ...


And post pictures! :)

Emily said...

I just spent the last 10 minutes flipping through the Pottery Barn holiday catalog, and I'm so tempted to buy! I've never been one of those people who can wait for discounts after the holidays.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I say get them! The hubs and I have a planned date for crate and barrel this weekened to pick up those very items after my crate and barrel cataloug came in the mail! :) Their ornaments are all so cute! I need to grab one for an upcoming ornament swap anyway!

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