Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday

I'm not sure if it's the overcast weather here today, the fact that it's finally Friday, or that it's still only mid-January (and we have a ways to go before spring), but I'm craving a room like this. One that is happy, light, and filled with sunshine where I can curl up and and gaze outside!
(photo from Frank Roop)

It could also be because I stayed up waaaay too late last night watching a new guilty pleasure, Bully Beatdown on MTV. Seriously. It's awesome.

From MTV: "Bullies can pick on the small and the weak, but can they handle a trained, professional fighter? When they enter the ring -- fighting for pride and for cash -- will these bullies have what it takes? Or will they get a taste of their own medicine? "

They call them "bullies", I call them douchebags.... whatever. It's awesome.

Have a great Friday!


Linda said...

It's absolutely pouring here. I'm so ready for spring!

Melissa said...

I am not enjoying the Dallas drizzle either!

Melissa Blake said...

Hi -- I loved your post on thelilbee -- you've got a great blog too!!

Brooke said...

Place like this make me wanna read all day everyday. I could sit here with a water bottle and a good book! What a serene and cozy spot!

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