Friday, January 15, 2010

My Five Things

I was featured on the Lil Bee today, with the five things I'd like to do in this lifetime:

1) Restore and live in an old historic house.
2) Travel all over the world (really, there are very few places I'd not like to see).
3) Open up my own home/decor/antiques shop.
4) Have children.
5) Reach the age of 85 and be happy with my life.

That's my five... what are yours?

That's my list. What's yours??


SogniSorrisi said...

What a great five and what a great picture. I also want to travel as much as possible and that picture just brought me right back to Santorini - such gorgeous place.

Linda said...

Great list!
My 5 would be:
Celebrate my golden wedding anniversary
Learn SQL (such a dork, I know)
Write a novel even if it's not published
Take a picture I feel is worth framing
Be completely comfortable in my own skin.

boops said...

this is fun:

1-live in paris (not indefinitely)
2-walk the irish countryside
3-be a crew member on a sailboat
4-have a dog :)
5-finish decorating my apartment (and be happy with it for more than 5 days)

i'm sure this is not a final list :)

Jenny.Lee said...

Hmm I'll have to think about my list. Yours is great!

Erika said...

I just found you via The Lil Bee! I absolutely adore your five things - especially number one! What a quaint and charming idea to add to one's to-do list. Honestly, I don't know what my five things are...I need to think on that for a bit! :)

olivia rae said...

i'm in love with santorini- the picture of my header was taken there too! love this photo and i loved your five things!! xo

Melissa said...

I thought this was so fun I recreated it on my blog (with proper credit to you for inspiration of course!)

Haven and Home said...

I could not agree more with your 5!

{lovely little things} said...

Just found you via the lil bee, great list!

Mine would be..
1. travel to Asia & South America
2. write a children's book
3. teach elementary school in a foreign country
4. attend a famous festival (Running of the Bulls, Hogmanay, etc.)
5. continue to try new things, and take up unique, unexpected hobbies

Brooke said...

1. travel til I can't travel anymore
2. publish my two books
3. never have to work for any1 but me again
4. open up a place where single parents can leave their children while they get educated or work (less fortunate)
5. GO to HEAVEN.....

one for the road-stop complaining!

Adrianna said...

Travel & Open a shop is def. on my list too.

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