Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How My Garden Grows

This was my garden from last year:

Cut to 2010, and the great blizzard we had in February.

The tree? Dead (well, to be fair, it was on its last leg and probably half-dead already).

The pomegranate bush? The sage bush? Calla Lillies??

Dead Dead and Dead.

What did survive?
My orange daylillies, my blue pin-cushion flowers (pictured first above), my Japanese maple tree (thank God), and the paprika yarrow (third pic above).

So, we bought a peach tree, I dug up and divided the daylillies, moved the pin-cushion flowers and yarrow, and added a bunch of mulch - after we weeded and weeded and cleaned up all the dead plants. (Evidently, along with killing plants, snow brings with it lots of little weedy seeds because after the snow melted, the bed filled up with butt-loads of weeds.)

This is how it looks now:

Pretty sparse right now

Oh, and these little creeping blue flowering things... which I don't know the name of. But I bought a little 4-inch pot of them at Home Depot last year, and this stuff has grown!! So much, that I divided it, and the divisions are about 3 times larger now than the 4-inch pot I planted last year!

So, the plan now is to buy some more of the purple fringe-flower bushes to fill in the bare spots. I think that will help tie it all together, and I love their purple leaves!

More to come once those are planted, but for now, here is stage 1.


Krista said...

That must be disappointing! :(

It's too early to plant here, and I'm not motivated enough to grow the "shoots" indoors, so I've got another month before it's gardening season. At the new house, I trhink this year will be about getting some perennials and flowering tress/bushes.

I love the photogenic dog, btw. :)

Linda said...

You know I'm not knowledgeable on planting but now you can put new stuff in. I get bored with stuff so I think of spring as the time to plant new pretty things!


I am new to gardening and I am loving it! It's kind of crazy looking at your pictures because your yard looks very similiar to mine! I heard thyme is a great spreader. Keep me updated so you can be my guinea pig! ; )

LindsB said...

I'm jealous you have an outdoor space! Everything looks really pretty, even if it is sparse. My mom plated a cutting garden a few years ago and it has just taken off. All of the plants she ordered from White Flower Farm. They are a tad more expensive but you cant beat the quality.

If you call them and ask for suggestions for hardy perrenials for your area they are pretty good at suggesting them.

Just a thought if you are looking for more plants to add :)

Melissa said...

I am very impressed at your garden! I have a black thumb...I kill anything I touch.

Jessica said...

I think those little blue darlings are "forget-me-nots", and I guess at the rate they grow you can't!

Your garden will be lush and lovely in no time. The weeds are only just starting to grow over here but I've seen some tulip leaves peeking out so hopefully we won't get any more snow!

my favorite and my best said...

aww...poor little garden..
you'll bring it back to life though.

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