Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pretty Window Treatments

(I wish I had a better, more catchy title... but no.)

Curtains and shades add so much to a room. Here are some pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Following those, here are some definite drapery DON'TS:

Hanging your curtain panels high can add height to your room... but don't hang them too high. Otherwise they'll just end up looking ridiculous like these do.

Toga style.

The fake-drape. Would it have been so bad to actually hang these on a real curtain rod??

I tend to like the idea that simpler is better. Too much trim, ruffles, pleats, pattern... it gets to be too much for me. But, I love the look of layering drapes over shades - natural or fabric.
Just my 2 cents.

Have a great Thursday!

**I am not naming where I got the "bad example" pictures from, however - if they are yours and you want them down, just let me know.


Smitten Design said...

Awesome image round up. NO WAY are you a mom to 5 dogs! My "mom" friends always tell me having babies is easier than puppies so I'm sure when you think of having kids you'll be a pro! Thanks for your comments yesterday- they were cracking me up.

Happenstance said...

These are great. And you're right, toga style is a don't! I have nightmares about those.

LindsB said...

These are SO pretty! I am I'm the middle of trying to find curtains for my bedroom and it is close to impossible. I need 108" length and not too expensive, I cant afford $50 a panel right now- I like the cheap-o version that looks nice. See why its close to impossible :)

Marija said...

Okay this is a killer collection of drapery images. That first is one of my favorites. And I have to give you props for adding the links and leaving out the "bad" examples. I see a lot of images with no credit/explanation throughout blogland lately. Nice to see someone taking others hard work into consideration! Marija

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