Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Okay, going to be a little bitchy here....

This picture could be of my front yard. Seriously.

My marigolds have died. The New Guinea impatiens? Dead. My garden??? Although there's been two casualties, it's still hanging on by a thread.


Because it's been OVER 100 DEGREES (actual temperatures, y'all) FOR OVER 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT!!!!


So, to all of you out there bitching and whining about the heat... I laugh at you. And want you to shut it.

Just until we actually dip below the century mark, at least.
Which MIGHT be this weekend.


(If we're lucky.)

Oh, and if you stay outside for too long here, the soil isn't the only thing that ends up parched and dry...

Later, bitches. I'm off to sit in air conditioning. (Which is the best invention known to man)


my favorite and my best said...

i feelya! we have been close to 100 and in some cases the heat index is over 100. the problem here is the humidity. great for the skin. but not so great for the smell of your pits.
we don't go outside either. not just for the heat but for the fucking swarms of mosquitoes that are on every inch of exposed skin the second you step outside. it is dreadful.
but as much as i hate it i think i would hate more a long, dreadful winter where i am immersed in snow for over 3 months straight. at least we don't have that problem. i think it would be far far worse.

Appletree said...

Ugh. Our heat and humidity finally lifted yesterday and we woke up to a cool morning for the first time in months it seems. Refreshing, it must be coming your way soon.

boops said...

holy cow! keep cool and hydrated. i couldn't cope with it.

Krista said...

My marigolds are dead, too. :( But I killed them with pesticides by accident. I'm so mad at myself! I used a pesticde "safe for flower beds". It was supposed to target weeds, not flowers. I was weeding ever day, and they kept coming back, so I used this "safe" pesticide.

HA! Lesson learned. My flourishing marigolds withered over about 2.5 weeks into dead clumps.

So I sympathize! Poor flowers - not much can survive long times at 100+!

Silly me! :( (My begonias still look great, though, because I didn't use anything on them.)

Linda said...

Yes, park yourself in front of that AC and don't move.
Poor plants!

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Sometimes I am so glad that I live in Canada. I hope it cools down soon! :)

Melissa said...

Agreed! This Dallas weather has been brutal. I took some plants inside in hopes they would live but they died too :(

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