Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekend Plans

So, this weekend, hopefully we'll be tackling this:

My husband's office.

Well, and mine too. But this is "his" room.
Can you tell???
(Truthfully, though, I'm a little guilty of adding to the piles in here, too.)

We have plans in mind, it's just going to take a lot of work.
A lot of work.

So wish us luck.

Hopefully, you all will be doing more enjoyable things, like my niece is.

Isn't she the cutest??
Wish I were there to swim in the pool with her.

Have a great weekend!!


LindsB said...

Are we with the same man?!? because my fiances office looks the exact same! What is it with men and their offices that they can never say neat haha.

Good luck this weekend!

This Full Life said...

Good luck!

Appletree said...

Hope it's raining so office work is not such a drag.

Haven and Home said...

How did it go? She is a cutie!

Julie Holloway said...

She is the cutest. And good luck with the office....I need to tackle ours, too. Can't wait to see the progress...Julie

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