Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's amazing...

No, this isn't our finished office...
Actually, it isn't finished yet (it's getting better, though).
But! I think we have found a color! "Calke Green" from Farrow and Ball. Well, more accurately, a colormatch of "Calke Green" from another paint manufacturer because, you know, I just can't justify spending that much on paint right now.

Really, I just wanted to touch base here.

It's amazing how quickly two short weeks and a long holiday weekend have gone and how busy I've been.

It's amazing how many empty boxes and old junk paper we've cleared out of the office.

It's amazing how much we still have left to go in there.

It's amazing how soft THIS is! It makes the best dog beds (more on this to come). Soft and cushy like down, but more supportive. And it feels soft and silky-smooth like buttah, baby.

It's amazing that it's finally football season again! Yay!!

It's amazing how how irritated I get whenever I hear more about this story. Just move it.

It's amazing that we're going to New Orleans for Halloween. Sooo excited!

It's amazing how good my pillow shams for our bedroom turned out (pictures coming soon)! They make me a little proud and happy whenever I make our bed in the mornings.

It's amazing how many magazines I have. I'm slowly working through them, but of course, the Dominos and the Cottage Livings are all "keeps".

It's amazing how looking at paint for one room of your house makes you want to repaint other rooms. Right now I'm thinking a Churlish Green wasabi-like color for our guest bath...

It's amazing that it's the weekend (almost) again! Hope you have a good one!!


Linda said...

I love those chairs! I can imagine sitting there, reading.

Appletree said...

amazing post ; )

my favorite and my best said...

in this months house beautiful there is a mention of F&B calke green.
is this a coincidence or did you get inspired by it?
i can't wait to see it...i am loving olive and deep greens at the moment...
i am considering painting our front room olive green...what is the paint company that matched the F&B?

This Full Life said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. I can't wait to see how the office turns out - I'm loving the color you chose!

Krista said...

I love that green!

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