Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Maverick

She's cheap, cute, and sexy without being too slutty... and she's my Halloween costume this year.

We met online, and I mail-ordered her this weekend, so she should be arriving Thursday. She's also bringing to the party a black pettitcoat ('cuz my legs don't look quite that good) and a black hair feather-thingamadoodle.

I hope to end up looking like a high-class saloon girl from the Old West, so that I can accompany my rootin-tootin' gunslinger cowboy husband on Halloween in New Orleans.

(Can I just mention how excited I am to be going to New Orleans for Halloween weekend??)

Watched Nate yesterday, and it was kind of "eh".

I'm hoping that he gets more into the process of his design - why he chooses something over something else, etc.

I didn't dislike the show, just thought it seemed to be geared towards somebody who's never picked up a design magazine or watched a design show ever in their life. He says that his show will get into giving people "the tools they need" to design at home, so I'm still watching to see what tools he bestows.

It's just that I wasn't that impressed by his trash "transformation" of spray-painting 3 panel floor screen to use as a headboard (duh). And I wanted to see more about the design process of the kitchen he redid for the single mother.

I did, however, like how he helped a couple to come up with a paint/color scheme for their bedroom -that was actually pretty cool.

My grade right now: C+

How's your Tuesday so far?


my favorite and my best said...

i didn't watch. but i am sad to hear that its like design for dummies.
maverick is a slut! i wanna make out with her!!

Anonymous said...

I have peasant vision, so I didn't watch it.

You're going to New Orleans for Halloween? That is so awesome! I'm sure that you'll have so much fun. I think for this year's Halloween costume, I am going to be raiding my friends closet as she has some pretty awesome costumes and ridiculous clothing.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I didn't see it so I have no comment but love the costume! I hope you'll post pics of how you style it! I haven't dressed up for halloween in a long time but I love that costume!

Linda said...

Love the costume! We're going to a party and I need a costume now. But no idea what to dress up as.

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