Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miles Redd in Veranda

Why hello there......

I managed to make it out of New Orleans in one piece (somewhat surprisingly, with all of the people that were down there, and the seeming rise in crime), and there have been so many things and ideas I've wanted to post about!

1) They should make computers able to take dictation so you can blog while running (mostly walking) on the treadmill. And they should make them affordable.

2) Canadian House and Home is awesome. Have you seen this month's issue? Chris now has a really good idea of something to get me for Christmas - a subscription (although, if he really wants to, I'd take Sarah Richardson's farmhouse too).

3) I'm getting ready to re-paint our kitchen cabinets and swap out the old rusty, loose, and crooked hardware! What I'm sure will be an interesting time starts tomorrow, so look for "before" pics.

But back to my topic for today:
Has anyone else seen the new Veranda (November/December) issue??

It arrived last week, and so far, is the most "Domino-like" to date. I'm not sure that is the best description for it (because it's definitely higher-end compared to Domino), but it definitely feels more like Dara's at the helm now than before.

Case in point - the cover story, designed by Miles Redd:

I love that green with the blue.

And I love this wallpaper.

But this bedroom had me feeling a little sense of deja vu, even though it's lovely....


I guess Miles is just a big lover of scenic hand-painted mural wallpapers with 4-poster beds.

The whole issue of the new Veranda is good, though, and I'm excited to see them continue on the path they're on.

Tune in tomorrow for the start of "Project: Paint Kitchen Cabinets (so they don't suck as much)". Me, my Dad, and I'm sure a few dogs all mixed up with some white paint and satin nickel hardware!


Linda said...

How was NO? Good luck with the painting!

Appletree said...

Welcome back! Good luck with the painting.

Saara @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

Can't wait to see the cabinets!

Krista said...

Those are lovely ... I like the green and white contract of the chess set inspired vignette!

my favorite and my best said...

hmmm...interesting. i hadn't noticed that about the miles redd thing...but you're right. i suppose every designer has a formula for success. although it could also be that each of those clients wanted the domino bedroom for their very own...can't say i blame them, it's a gorgeous room.

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