Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to the grindstone after a long weekend!

Wow - already Tuesday again!
It was so nice to have a long weekend - I really enjoyed and needed a few days off to myself. We went to friends' houses and had a few people over one night, and we went to see "INDIANA JONES" yesterday, but overall it was a nice and relaxing weekend. I didn't have to think about work, money, or anything like that. It was nice to be able to decide what you wanted to do - even if it was just to sit around!

This afternoon, a contractor is coming by to perform an energy audit and put up weatherstripping where needed. It's free!! I'm really looking forward to it - to see if they can point out any areas that need our attention. After that, I'm meeting with the cake lady to get a FREE sample cake! Yumm! Being engaged has its perks - free cake! Really, though, I'm excited to meet her and try out the cake. Her price is really reasonable (compared to some of the highway robbery that exists out there among other bakers), and I remember from my co-worker's wedding that it was really good. I'm not too worried about the decoration as we want something kind of simple, but I do want it to taste good!

It's raining cats and dogs here right now - which is nice because we need it, and it will be cooler today and tonight. But that also means it'll be steamy and humid tomorrow - yuck! Oh well, welcome to summertime!

Hope your first day back is a good one!


tracy said...

Glad you had a good weekend!

The place I stayed was the RIU Palace. I know they have them all over, a friend stayed at one other (but I can't remember where) and said it was nice too.

It was supposed to rain here all day but we have yet to have a drop. They even closed the pool at the Y (even the indoor one for some weird reason) because of thunder, but, it hasn't even thundered. Weird!

tracy said...

I forgot to tell you about the RIU..and this may be true for all all-inclusive places - but we went during a non-busy time (the cheapest time to go!) but I heard from some people that if you go during busy time it can be annoying because there's lines at the buffets (we had no line, ever) and of course busy busy at the pool etc.

About cost - don't know what y'all have to spend but mine was $1300 total, air included, and that was for 2 people in a room, for 7 nights. It depends what y'all like to do, I was fine staying at the hotel and so didn't spend much money at all, we did have to pay for transportation from the airport, that wasn't included and there was no free shuttle. Some people were tipping the bartenders, but the hotel thing specified that tips were included, so I didn't do that!

My friend booked it thru Yahoo Travel (online), she's also used Apple Travel (also online) and said they are good too.

Guilty Secret said...

Free cake :-D

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