Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy week, still no money, but at least it's a long weekend!

I'm sorry to wait a week to post again. I needed to get my head in order a bit last weekend, and luckily I had the chance to do that and get out of town for 3 days, thanks to my friend who got married last Saturday! It was really nice to get out of town and away from "normal" life for a while, but I was bummed to come back. The only thing I think I missed was the warm weather!

Money-wise, we've talked and things are better with our communication. But we're still in a pickle and I'm not really sure how to solve it. I may have to borrow some money from my parents, which totally sucks. If only he had told me a couple things earlier, we could have avoided this. But he thought he could handle it and didn't want me to stress. Bad fiancee!! Seriously, though, I told him he needed to share with me stuff that could impact us both like that. I've decided that I will now be the head financial dummy in the house who pays the bills, etc. I really didn't want this job, but I think I can do a better job than him. Like Tiff's ex, Chris is not as conservative when it comes to money as I am, so it's probably better for both of us if I just buckle down and do it.

The wedding was really nice. I was happy to see my friend get married, and it was nice to see several other people I hadn't seen in a while. Chris and I were totally stealing some of their wedding ideas, though!! Like the table numbers (they used pictures of local landmarks) and song choices. More than anything though, it was really nice to see and be reminded that even if something doesn't go "perfectly" or looks exactly like it's out of a magazine, people will still enjoy your wedding - and that's what it's all about anyways!! The picture here is not from my friend's wedding, but this is kind of my "inspiration" for my reception. I love the orange tablecloths, and doing candles as the centerpieces really cuts down on costs. Now that my wedding is (actually less than) 6 months away, I'm getting kind of excited. With all we have going on with our bills, we may not go anywhere exciting for our honeymoon, but the party will be fun!

Speaking of travel, I'd like to take this opportunity to call out how STUPID American Airlines is for now charging $15 for your FIRST checked bag ( How idiotic is that?? You know, I realize that fuel prices are going up. So instead of nickel and diming us, why don't you just raise all the ticket prices about $10 and call it a day. Really. So now I have to pay somebody at the airport to check my bag. Just one more thing for me and the employee to worry about. Just one more place my card number can be stolen. Just one more thing to hold up the lines and make us wait longer!! If you really want to be "fair" to the day-trippers business travelers, instead of making us pay at check-in, why don't you offer a refund or credit of $10 to the people who don't check their bags?? Or offer more AA miles?? Seems like that would be 1) easier 2) more profitable for American and 3) not hold up the lines. If anyone from American is reading this, and would like to steal this idea, go ahead. I don't mind at all. Another tip: do away with the little cocktail napkins you pass out with your drinks. Nobody really uses them. They're too little to clean up a spill, and it's wasteful to boot.

Argh!! More work!! It's good to be busy, but sometimes the call of a frozen margarita and a sunny day is strong! But since I don't have the money for the frozen margarita right now, I guess I'll put my nose back to the grindstone.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!!


tracy said...

just saying HEY. don't have time to read up on everything, but UGH to the money problems, trust me I know what you are going thru, it sucks. I hate being late but sometimes you just can't help it, and truth is, it happens to a lot more people than you think. It'll be OK, somehow, some way.

Guilty Secret said...

Glad to see you've been communicating better. You might not like that job but it sounds like you're the right person for it and hopefully you'll be a able to get a better handle on things.

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