Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What have I got myself into??

Well, this was the question I asked myself when I started a blog over at Spaces a couple years ago... it was to track my progress as I had just signed up for a marathon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Okay, so that didn't happen, but I was thinking about this title, and it occurred to me that it's pretty fitting for many things I've "gotten myself into". Like living with my fiancee, being engaged, planning a wedding....

I've decided to come over here to Blogger as the Spaces blog was super slow and hard to post on. I've heard some mixed reviews about this site, so we'll see. But almost instant page loads and no delay when typing are good things in my book.

So it's Wednesday night now. My long weekend was truly nice and appreciated. I really needed it for my sanity. Work has been draining lately, and the motivation just was not there last week. I did end up painting my living and dining rooms - well, 2 of the walls anyways - but I'm not so sure I like the outcome. The old paint color was good, and the fiancee liked it, so we copied it as close as possible. And the quality of the paintjob is good now (no touch-up marks). But we decided to extend the color along a wall that had previously been cut in half by the color, and paint a perpindicular wall white that had previously been green. Anyways, it ended up looking much darker in that corner than before, and the white wall really stands out now. So.... we'll see. Not thrilled with it, maybe it'll grow on me, maybe not. But I'll give it a little while. I've already started thinking of other options though, and I have come up with a couple that I like, so it may not be that LONG of a while. Working in the design field, it's very hard to please yourself when it comes to your own house!

After all that painting on Friday and Saturday morning, I did venture out with my sisters and choose bridesmaid dress options, and I finally selected a color! They will be a deep terracotta orange, which sounds worse than it looks. It's actually really nice and looks good on everyone. And it's a bridesmaid dress. I hold no illusions that they will ever wear this again. It's just nice to put that one to rest. Only 6 months to go now.

First official blogger post! Take care.


tracy said...

Woohoo, welcome to blogger!!

I had no idea you had originally started to track marathon training progress...what happened??

Glad you had a good weekend!

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