Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Wreaths

Holiday decorating can be so much fun - there are so many different things you can dress up, so many different styles! I mean, what other time of year can you get away with decorating a pine tree inside your home with twinkling lights, bows, and ornaments??

Today I thought I would show off some wreaths I'm loving!

This is a very modern way to display wreaths - on their own, each wreath is very simple. But en masse, this repetitive pattern really makes a statement! I may have to try this next year, it would be so simple to do. (And by the way, I am loving the color of this wall!)

After years of having a monochromatic tree, I am really drawn to the colors in this ornament wreath.

This would be another really simple look to replicate. I like that it almost becomes like artwork over the fireplace.

This succulent wreath is something that's really unusual, and something that after the holidays you could replant and enjoy all year long!

I've never thought about attaching utensils to a wreath, but with a patina on them these make for a pretty cute wreath you could use in the kitchen or dining room.

The idea of using two wreaths here imitates a bulls-eye pattern. Once again, a simple look to replicate!

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Blablover5 said...

I like the utensil one. It has an almost pack rat feel. Reminds me of old childhood stories where the talking animals use people things in strange ways, or collect spoons because they're shiny.

Jenny.Lee said...

Love the "artwork" over the fireplace.

Tulsa is freezing right now! We had a few flurries yesterday and some freezing rain but nothing major. I don't mind snow but sleet is a whole different story. :(

Krista said...

Those are so neat ideas.

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous collection! I especially love that last photo---the whole setting is perfect, from the wreath within a wreath to that stunning leather chair. Do you think Santa might try to squeeze one of those into my stocking?

tracy said...

Those are all very cool!

EJ & Roo said...

love the wreaths!!
thanks for visiting our blog. feel free to steal away!! good luck with your christmas cards.
happy holidays!!

Jessy said...

I loked the second one on top of the fireplace, its so sophisticated yet simple! Its the type of the thing that I would leave it up year around.

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