Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!!

Well, at least in the blogosphere....
As pronounced by Sabrina, we are having a snow day. In all actuality, we in the Dallas area came close to really having a snow day today as it starting sleeting on the way home from work last night and was in the 20's overnight. But, no real snow. Just a little ice. A windshield to scrape....

So here's our weather forecast:

A Winter Weather Advisory continues for most of North Texas (including the Metroplex) until 4pm.

Although most of the rain has ended, there is still some very light drizzle or wet roads from last night, and that's means icy spots, especially on bridges and overpasses.

TODAY: Cloudy,Cold, Mist & Freezing Drizzle Possible. Slippery roads until lunchtime. HIGH: 34. WIND: N 5.

TONIGHT: Cloudy & Cold. Some Fog & Freezing Fog. Some Slippery Roads Wednesday Morning. LOW: 32.

TOMORROW: Mostly Cloudy. Isolated Showers. HIGH: 53.

THURSDAY: Mostly Cloudy. Isolated Showers. HIGH: 63.

FRIDAY: Partly Sunny. HIGH: 70.

Do you see that??? The high on Friday is going to be 70! Crazy....... we have crazy weather. Not that I'm complaining about 70 degrees.... but it's just crazy.
Today, though, it is in the 30's. And windy. Don't forget the windy part. Yesterday morning on the news, they were like "Right now, it's blah-blah degrees outside, but with the wind it feels like it is 9."
Excuse me? NINE DEGREES???
This is why Texas winters suck sometimes. It can get really cold - just as cold as all those places up north that have snow. But do we get snow?? Very rarely. I say, if it's going to be this cold, the least we could get is a little pretty snow to look at!
Oh well, at least we are having a snow day here in blog-o-land!

LOL!! Unfortunately, the last time I saw snow like this (below image, from Sabrina) in Texas, it was about 5 years ago! ;-) I didn't even get a dusting at my house last night. Just sleet. And freezing mist - whatever that is.


Blablover5 said...

Damn, I think it's colder there than it is here.

Better start shoveling:


Linda said...

It's 20 degrees right now but feels like it's 12! So not normal for Seattle.

Lindsey said...


AmyJean said...

I want snow too ! :(

Blablover5 said...



Amanda said...

We have snow here in Portland as well. We never get snow in Portland. I'm so excited!

Krista said...

You have more snow than ME! We got a bit of snow last Tuesday (the 9th), but it melted over the week-end. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow, but as of right now it's green. Well, actually it's dark outside, but if there was light, you'd see green.

Jenna said...

I can't believe you live in Dallas and I never knew! We definitely have to get together and relive our weddings together (or am I the only married gal who still loves to talk weddings!)

I'm headed to Poland on Friday, and then I'll just be back for a day before I head to Atlanta for Ami's VR, but let's plan on something in January! I'm so excited!

please sir said...

Oh my goodness - isn't the weather crazy these days?!

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