Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Honeymoon in Cabo

I am sorry to be so slow to get all of this up... just found out that my professional pictures are going to take longer than I anticipated to get back. :-( And I've really been looking forward to showing them all to you. Now, by the sound of it, it may be the new year before I can get them up!
Oh well.
So, in the meantime, especially since it's getting cold in most places, I thought I'd share some of our honeymoon pictures. We went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas!! The weather was wonderful and perfect. Warm, but not too hot. Cool in the shade. Low 90's in the daytime, but it dropped off to the 60's at night. It was gorgeous!

This was pretty much me most of the trip: hair pulled back and no makeup! Our flight out there left early Monday morning, and we needed to be at the airport by 7. But it was all worth it!!

This is a shot of the marina. We took a boat out to Lover's beach and around the arch area. I'll post more pics of all that tomorrow, it was an interesting day to say the least....

The famous arch - this is where the Sea of Cortez meets with the Pacific. The rock formations out there are really really beautiful and majestic.

Another view from the boat. Here I am pointing out our resort! But this is a pretty view of the coastline from the Lover's Beach/Arch area.

Here is the view of our room - the balcony was behind me to the right. But it was a really nice room - the resort was really pretty and really really clean!!! Great news when you're in Mexico!

Here is a picture of me in front of the main pool at our resort, with the ocean behind us. This was the evening of the first day - and we were both really happy to be there!

Here is a view from the beach in front of our hotel. There were cruise ships there most days - they would dock as the passengers went off to the Marina. Even though they were far off, they were huge!! Beyond them is the Arch area and Lover's Beach.

A picture of us at the swim-up bar at our hotel. It was an infinity pool overlooking the ocean - so pretty!

This is the other side of the swim-up bar - the walk-up side of it! The resort was really pretty - all of the architecture was the stucco/adobe look, with palm trees and desert plants.

Okay, can I go back now? We had such a wonderful time. It was really really a perfect honeymoon. Even though there were a few interesting situations (more on that later), we both had a wonderful time just getting away together. Awwwww........ ;-)

I thought Cabo was wonderful, and I'd recommend it to anyone. Most of the beaches you can not swim off of, but there are some that you can (like Medano Beach and Lover's Beach). The people were soooo friendly, and the cost of the vacation was very reasonable.


Amanda said...

It looks like you had a wonderful honeymoon. The pics are gorgeous!

Lindsey said...

WOW! The pictures are beautiful! Looks like a fabulous time!

Blablover5 said...

Looks gorgeous. And there's nothing wrong with begging your family and friends for wedding pictures to then show on your blog. (at least that's what I keep telling myself)

Jenny.Lee said...

Gorgeous! I'm glad you had a great time!

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful place!! I want to go there so bad!! It's on my list!! Glad you had such a great honeymoon!!! : )

Linda said...

I used fingerling potatoes for the crash hot potatoes and those worked ok. Sorry yours didn't work out so good.
Aren't those ribs good? I've been craving them lately!

tracy said...

Aww, I look at those pics and remember I was at the same place in May :) Now see, I wasn't really a big fan of Cabo itself - I didn't think it was that pretty, I mean it's like desert. And I didn't like that you couldn't swim in the ocean, which I knew going there, but with the infinity pool it didn't really bother me. you're right on the price though - we've been looking at places to go next year, and a lot are much more expensive!!

Ashley said...

that rock on the water that goes overhead... wow gorgeous!

Miss Gallery Place said...

the pictures are beautiful! Where did you go? My fiance and I are looking into Cabo for our honeymoon :)

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