Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New stuff is coming out all the time!

My first post is up over at Elizabeth Anne Designs Living. I'll have a column every Tuesday!

Also, my recap is up over at the original EAD - but still no pro pics! Ugh. I *thought* I would use a pic from our wedding on our Thank You's, but at this rate I don't think so. Of course, I still need to tackle the Thank You's..... but I have the cards ready.

Actually, speaking of Thank You cards, Target has a new line of stationary called "Letter Impress" from Gartner Studios - they have letterpress-like designs on cardstock that you can then print on from your computer. They have invitations, Thank You cards, etc.... and they're all really really cute! And affordable!! I may have to think of a party or something so I can have a good excuse to use the invitations....

For my pack of 50 Thank You notes and envelopes, it was around $13, which wasn't too bad!

The black "Thank You" design is pressed into the cardstock... almost like a true letterpress.

There's always something new and better coming out!! Maybe tonight I will get busy with the Thank You cards.... a good fire, a nice glass of wine, and Thank You cards! Sounds like a Tuesday night plan to me!


Blablover5 said...

I got our thank yous from Target. 50 for about $13 or so as well. In the end I think we sent out maybe half of those.

But I guess one can never have too many thank you notes. Well unless you moved to a cave and decided to become a hermit.

Mrs. in May said...

Congrats on the new column, so fun!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! What fun it will be to check out your new column! I love EAD and have really been enjoying their 'living' blog.

Oh, thank you notes. Don't remind me! They've been a monkey on my back for WAY to long. I told myself I'd be one of those brides who sends them out right away, and I failed miserably. Ugh. Good for you for pushing yourself to do it ASAP!

PinkG said...

Congrats on your guest blogging at EAD.

I read their blog as well, so it will be great to read your writting both here and there!


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