Thursday, February 19, 2009

Communication between the sexes

This is a good portrait of how I'm feeling today.

Here's the backstory: We're going to a wedding in Palm Beach this weekend (wheeee!!!!). For Friday night's rehearsal dinner, the invitation said the dress was "Beach casual - sundresses and Hawaiian shirts". Saturday evening, they are getting married on the beach, weather permitting.

So, about a week or so ago, I started going through my dresses and clothes to think about what I was going to wear. But, as I've stated here before, I've kind of gone on a weight-gaining binge since the wedding, so I found that the ones I was thinking I would wear were waaaaaaaay too tight. We're also kind of tight with our money right now. What's a broke and fatter girl to do?? Well, on Monday I did find a really nice dress that I bought, on sale, to wear to the wedding. I already have shoes, a purse and jewelry, so I'm all set. For the rehearsal dinner, I simply thought that if I wore my nicer jeans with a cute top and nice shoes/heels, I'd be okay. I know it's not a "sundress", but I'm pretty sure that not all the boys will show up in "Hawaiian shirts".
Well, my caring hubby was talking to some friends (a married couple) that are also going to the wedding, and he asked the guy what he was wearing. All fine and good. Then he asked the girl (who he also knows from work) what SHE was wearing, and proceeds to tell her that I "thought" I might wear jeans Friday night. Ugh. So, the girl, trying to be helpful because she thinks that I don't know what to wear (which is not really the case - the case is that I don't really have the $$ to shell out for a sundress that will fit just for a rehearsal dinner!!) emailed him pics of the dresses SHE is wearing. And my hubby then forwarded over the pics, telling me that this is what _____ly is wearing.
Okay, so this isn't life or death. Or even a big deal. Truth be told, I don't really care what she is wearing that much. It's just that this situation made me feel a little bad because I wish I did have a sundress to wear, but I just don't. And the couple dresses that I do have that do fit are more "winter" dresses, meant to be worn with tights - not exactly a Palm Beach look. I kind of felt like he should have just let me figured out what I wanted to wear and trusted my judgement - he knows the whole deal about me not fitting into my old dresses. And I didn't ask what SHE was wearing.

I'm sorry for posting about something so stupid and trivial, but as I know my caring hubby was just trying to help, I don't want to say anything to him or complain to him about how this made me feel. I will say one thing though, this is most definitely great motivation for hitting the gym on a more regular basis!


Blablover5 said...

Ah men, they figure that by providing all the information they can gather then it must help some decision making process and promptly ignore or forget any emotional attachment to said information.

I can just picture your husband thinking, ooh this should be helpful because women always like to know what other women are wearing right?

I'd be more angry at the other woman, trying to show her superiority.

Krista said...

I say hubby should have to pay for your new sundress to make up for his blunder :)

(Just kidding, of course. Well, only half kidding.)

Linda said...

I agree, Sabrina. I would be more mad at the other woman trying to make you feel bad for what you are wearing.
But jeans and a cute top sounds good to me. Or a skirt might work too.

AmyJean said...

A for effort but still... sometimes not the way we want to see our men expend their energy... lol!

Cyd said...

oooo I don't blame you for being annoyed at this one. Unfortunately, guys just don't really get it when it comes to why this would bother us though, now do they? I agree with Krista. If he's opted to make this an issue, he should take you out shopping for something fabulous and on clearance. ;-)

Becca said...

Guys just don't get it when they're not helpful!!!!

Pen Pen said...

Some men don't know the unwritten rules!

Rule 1: SHE tell u what to wear, not the other way around!

Rule 2: If you are ever asked if you think ANOTHER girl looks good, the answer is NOT yes or no. It's the hidden answer--- "WHAT GIRL?!"

rebekah at ead living said...

I'm so like this. I almost panic because I never have the right thing to wear. My husband doesn't understand AT ALL. I'm just not the type who can go out and buy an outfit like that. I have to plan. Ha.

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