Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My office tour

I was inspired by Introverted Wife, and thought I would take you on a tour of my office where I work!
As some of you may know, I work in an interior design trade showroom - which sounds all glamorous, fun, and creative, but many times isn't. Sometimes we are able to flex our creative muscles, and other times the clients come in with those "what are you thinking?!?!" fabrics that make you want to cringe just a little. Sometimes, what a client is interested in is not what you would pick out at all, but part of my job is being a good salesperson, so I have learned an appreciation for other styles and looks that I normally wouldn't really like.

But enough of that. Here is what I see every day when I walk through the door. Luckily it is pretty clean and picked up in this shot. There have been times when the center aisle is littered with carpets and fabrics that you have to hike over or around!

This is a picture of a custom rug we are working on. These are strikeoffs that the client will get and we will work with to get the colors and design correct before the rug goes into production. If a client decides they don't like a certain shade of green, this is the time to change it.

This shot is in the back where we have all our stock rugs rolled up. These are all new rugs, but we do have antiques as well.

Oh, and look, my little cubicle space. We're upstairs, in what I've termed "the cave" as there are no windows or natural light. There have literally been times I've walked in to work when it's sunny and beautiful, and then a couple hours later all of a sudden I hear rain on the roof, run out front, and it's pouring. It can be somewhat disconnecting. But I digress.... You'll notice the many yellow sticky notes I have stuck around. I am a huge note taker, because I'm forgetful at times. Also, I'm realizing my desk looks more messy in this photo than it does to me in real life. There is a method to my messy madness.

Well, this concludes our tour of my workplace. It is a good job, and one I've been lucky to have for *eek!!* 9 years now (although I still dream of opening up my own place someday!).


Linda said...

Really cool. I keep threatening to take pictures of my coworkers for my blog but they are all really camera shy.

Lindsey said...

Love your office, so cute!

Blablover5 said...

Ugh I've worked in labs that have no windows too. It's almost like sensory depravation when you can't go outside or see the sun for days on end in winter.

The rug samples were cool. So do you then have to contract someone to make the rug the client wants?

Hannah Noel said...

Wow-- what a fun and beautiful place!!

Anonymous said...

You've totally got me laughing out loud Rachel--it had slipped my mind that you also blog over at EAD, so when you left the comment about my chair I was like, 'oh my god how did she know?'

but onto your post--i totally know what you mean about those 'what are you thinking' moments! after many years working retail i feel like i've seen some SERIOUSLY 'interesting' individuals! kudos to you for keeping it up with a smile and your usual good humour :)

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