Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Outdoor living

On beautiful days like this, where it's sunny and about 70 perfect degrees outside, with the daffodils starting to come up, I start itching to get outside!

I'm what I would call a "fair-weather" gardener. Just like a fair-weather friend, I really only like to garden when it's like this. Mostly, I love to create. It's the upkeep, while it's 100 degrees out, that's not so fun.
This year I'd really like to focus on our back yard and porch. Right now it's not very pretty. There's some grass that's grown into the monkey grass that needs to be weeded, and there are patches in the monkey grass that need to be filled. Add to that the weeds in the yard, the 3 bushes that need to be transplanted to a sunnier location, and a couple bushes still in plastic pots... well, you get the idea.
But, it's always fun to look and lust and get ideas, so I've pulled a few images that inspire me. A few that I wouldn't mind having out my back door (especially the second one).

Is anyone else starting to gear up and tackle their yard or porch area??

*above pictures of outdoor spaces from Domino!


Blablover5 said...

All you people with 70 degree weather are turning me into a green eyed monster. We had a gorgeous 50 day yesterday but today we're back to 30 with 30 mph winds. GR!

I wish I had a nice backyard to do some gardening in. Sadly anything we put outside our apartment gets eaten by all the evil bunnies bent on vegetation destruction.

Krista said...

Um ... it snowed here today. It's waaay too early to think about gardening.


Anonymous said...

I am SO with you on the fun of starting a garden being much better than the not-so-much-fun of upkeep! I redid my in-laws garden a few years ago, then moved to a different town--a perfect arrangement with all the good parts and none of the bad!

But now I can't wait til we live in a place with a yard so I can have a garden of my own!

tracy said...

Daffodils are one of my fvaorites! It means spring is coming! In fact they will probably start coming up here pretty soon.

I like the first pic -is that a bed out on the patio? That's interesting!

I too like to garden but problem is I spend money and time planting things...and then...even though I try to take care of them...everything always dies!

Lindsey said...

Lucky! It's 14 degrees here and snowy, yuck!

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