Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dumpsville, USA

I normally try not to use this space as a venting ground, where I just take all my frustrations out on the world, but I'm going to make a little selfish exception today because I could use any good cheer that's sent my way. I'm kind of down in the dumps.

You know when you see something (like, say, a plaid piece of fabric used as a blanket?) that you really like, but try as you might, you can't find a stylish and affordable way to recreate it?? And, because you obsess, all you can think about is how much you wish you could just afford to go out and buy the object of your obsession?? (Did you know that plaid flannel sheets are a dying breed?? They are almost impossible to find.)

Does anybody else have pets (more specifically dogs) that do not like to go out when it's wet??? Cleaning up after your pets every single day, usually in a few places, is not fun.

And how frustrating that they need baths, but since it's supposed to be raining for the next couple of days it's useless to attempt to bathe them because they'll just go out and get all muddy!?!?! Of course, there's always the one that won't even go out on the back COVERED porch because it's wet outside...

There are like 4 bushes I'd like to transplant. But it was too hot, and now it's been too wet. Pretty soon it'll be too cold, and then I'll get frustrated because I can't finish what I'd like to get done out in the garden!

Does anyone else find it almost impossible to cram in errands and chores into the 4 or 5 hours you have after work and before bed?? Is it me, or does it seem like you come home, change and go run errands, and next thing you know it's 9:00 PM??? And you haven't even eaten dinner??

Which brings me to my next point: do you have these big chores that you just keep putting off because you know they will take a long time?? Does that depress you too, that you can't seem to find or make the time to tackle them?

Does anyone else's husband inadvertantly sabotage your drive to get things done on the weekend because they just want to "relax and watch TV"??? Relaxing and watching TV is all good and fine, but when Monday comes around and there's a bunch of things I didn't get done on the weekend that I really should have gotten done (like clean the office, clean the house), it just starts to pile up and bother me. Which then goes back to the fact that I am finding it impossible to accomplish much in the 4 to 5 hours after work.

Is anyone else out there feeling really fat? Just me?? How about dowdy?

Okay, okay, okay.... It's just hard to always be so damned perky all the time! ;-)
In all reality, I'm just having one of those days. You know, the days when you realize that you're not Martha Stewart, your house isn't perfect, you're kind of lazy, and you don't have all the money in the world?? Yeah, one of those days.

Tonight, though, I swear, I'm going to get the medicine cabinet all organized and put up. And that will make me feel a little better, one thing I can check off my list.


Linda said...

Deep breaths, Rachel:) I totally understand. I just cleaned my kitchen since I haven't had time to clean it in a couple of weeks.
Sit down with Chris and say I need to get x done this weekend in order to relax. If you help me I can relax with you all day Sunday. I'm glad Tai has his gaming days because that's when I can get housework done. It's so much easier when he's not here.
LL bean always has plaid flannel sheets.
Pick your battles. You can't do everything alone :)

Jenny.Lee said...

I'm sorry you've had a rough day. You are definitely not alone. I agree with Linda...have a little pow wow with Chris and with a little compromise on both sides everything will get accomplished.

Marie said...

I feel very similar, the house is a mess and I have no inclination or time to clean it. J has been away so not around to help and I too am not feeling as confident as normal in my body. But it will get better. Linda and Jenny-Lee are both so right, talking with Chris and making things into smaller more acheivable items so you can tick them off and feel better with each tick. Good luck, I'm sure it'll get better. And if you can't rant on your blog... where can you rant?

Blablover5 said...

Since we started this class it's been horrible trying to get a damn thing accomplished. We consider it a good day if we just make dinner and have time to play with the puppy enough so she doesn't think we abandoned her.

And I have no idea when I have time to paint anymore.

Sadly, til I finally perfect my cloning machine I just have to either give up on projects or ask my husband for help.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I hear you...reading this post I feel like I was actually the one to write it, it sounds like how my life has been lately! Hope it gets a little better for you, if you come up with any creative brainstorms to combat any of these, I'm all ears!

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