Thursday, October 8, 2009

Interesting Design Advice

"Don’t ask for your spouse’s participation in every decision. If he or she is design-impaired, they will simply be intimidated by the abundance of choices. If you show him a magazine picture of an elaborately draped bed, he will be so alarmed by the bed hangings that he’ll be unable to see the charming shape of the headboard. Keep him in the loop by sharing your most subdued paint color choices and conservative furniture selections. Keep your riskier decisions to yourself until their successful integration proves your design genius."


So, what do you think??

*I personally kind of love Miles Redd's living room (photo from Urban Grace Interiors), but if Chris were to come home and find that I've painted our living room pink, I truly think he'd shoot me.


HARP said...


Blablover5 said...

Seems like what could be good advice could lead to a major screaming match if not careful. After all your spouse lives there too.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

oh yes, great advice! I have definitely come to understand that my husband sees differently then me and sometimes it's just better for me to plan and design while keeping him in the look and he just lets me run with it and then when it's final, if he doesn't like it, we change it but most times, even if he was exactly excited during the design phase, he loves the end result. Same thing applies to clothes for him.

Linda said...

Not advice I'd follow. I usually tell him what I want to do. And let him give input then. Sometimes you have to compromise.

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