Monday, October 26, 2009

Out in the Garden

This weekend I was out planting our fall/winter flowers in the hanging pots off our back porch. Whenever it's time to switch out cool season annuals, or warm season annuals as I was doing, I'm always a little sad. While I know that once the first frost or freeze comes, they'll be toast, it makes me a little sad to rip up such pretty flowers and get rid of them.

But, with the new season comes some tiny new flowers with their own promise of beauty. And planting them now gives them the chance to grow a bit and get established before the cold and freezes roll in.

This past spring I planted angel wing (or dragon wing) begonias, and they did really well. They were so pretty and got so big! I replaced them with some cyclamen, which are kind of dainty, but have such pretty foliage and unusual flowers. Both do well in the shade.
I also planted some dianthus in my pots up front by the mailbox, but didn't get a chance to take pics of them yet. I'll have to take some and share those later this week (guess what? it's raining again!). I planted dianthus up there a couple of years ago and had great luck with them, so I'm hoping for the same good luck this year. My pansies got kind of leggy and floppy last year, so I didn't want to use them again.

Hope you all had a great weekend! Ready for another week?


Linda said...

So pretty!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

They're beautiful! And to answer your, I'm not ready for another week!

Melissa said...

Those are beautiful! You have quite the green thumb!

my favorite and my best said...

well done. poor flowers. i am sappy that way too. you should see me at the end of a gray's anatomy episode.

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