Monday, August 3, 2009

My new toy

I got a new phone this weekend that can call, text, email, take pics, get on the internet, set appointments, has a to-do list, has GPS.... I feel more organized already!
It's the HTC Snap, and while it isn't a touchscreen, it's very easy to learn and use (and with the buttons is just as fast as the touchscreen), has a nice sized keyboard, and was about $100 less expensive than the touchscreen phones. As someone who's had smartphones for the last 3 years or so, Chris welcomed me to 2009.... ha ha.
Don't you love getting new practical things that are also fun????
RIP you 3-year old flip phone. You served me well.


Blablover5 said...

I still have a three year old flip phone and have no plans to ever upgrade, but I'm also a dinosaur in that I refuse to take my phone with me everywhere.

When I don't want to be reachable, you'll have to send a sky writer to get my attention.

Linda said...

I need to replace my old flip phone. Mostly cause it doesn't hold a charge for very long. I'm considering getting an iphone which will mean it will never leave my hand.

Jenny.Lee said...

I love getting new phones. (Although I don't think I'll ever have anything but an iphone from here on out. The husband, being the apple nerd he is, wouldn't allow it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like much fun! It's crazy what things can do now!

I got my first cell phone under a year ago and it's just a normal flip phone. It's probably better as it spends most of its time off in my purse.

Cote de Texas said...

i have never sold apple matting - thanks for the warning, it sounds horrible!

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