Monday, October 6, 2008

Invitations: sent

That's right - the invitations are sent!!
The end of last week and this weekend was a flurry of not only trying to get them ready to be sent out, but also to take care of other things that happen, you know, in normal everyday life! Add to that we are having the couples' shower at our house Nov. 1, and we would like to kind of spruce it up a little here and there.
Here is what we accomplished this weekend:

Chris' company moved office buildings - went up and helped unpack and set up new office

Car battery died - bought new one and replaced old one.

Adjusted the color of the groomsmen ties and vests - the original choice was too off-shade to go with the bridesmaid dresses.

Replaced leaky faucet in guest bath, which is more of an ordeal than you may think. The old faucet was corroded, and the pipes had been painted. Oh, and the "standard" bath fittings didn't fit our 1979 bath. Required 3 trips to the Home Depot.

Hung new light fixture in hallway.

Added dimmer switch to new light fixture (hung last weekend) in kitchen.

Did not get around to cleaning house, but Chris did clean the bar and moved his shot-glass collection to the office.

Printed addresses on envelopes (once again, harder than it sounds) - front and return on back

Bought paper for the maps and hotel information enclosures - paper was pretty, but not 8.5" x 11.... it was 9" x 12". It kept jamming up the printer! Also, the ink didn't absorb all the way into it , so it rubbed off and ruined my jacket. Also, rubbed off on my fingers when I was....

Cut up hotel information and map enclosures. 4 maps per page. 8 hotel cards per page.

Ink rubbing off on me necessitated the gold tissue paper I was considering adding to the invitation suite. Went to Hallmark and bought gold tissue paper. Got home and realized (duh!) that it was folded into fifths, so it created creases. Decided not to fight it, that was the size I would use - and actually it turned out pretty well! I cut them to the size of the RSVP cards, and used the tissue to shield the invitation from the map and hotel enclosures. Plus, the gold tissue paper is pretty.

After cutting all necessary components, I numbered (really small) each RSVP card with its co-ordinating number of the person on the guest list. This way, if someone forgets to write their name, we'll still know who it is.

After numbering, then assembling invites, I stuffed the correct invite into the envelopes. This was not hard, but a little tedious and took about 2 hours.

Woke up early this morning, went to post office in the rain, bought the stamps. After stamping all invites and RSVP envelopes - went to post office at lunch and sent them on their way!!



AmyJean said...

Congrats! You got them sent! That's awesome! And what a full weekend you had!!! :)

redframe said...

Done and done, well done!

Guilty Secret said...

Hooray! Congratulations on getting the invites out!

tracy said...

Whoa, you've been busy!!!!

And - haha I totally agree with you about Tori. Something just doesn't look right about her.

Caroline said...

oh my gosh way to get so much done!! i am looking at sending out save the date cards and it's such a job--and they're only save the date cards!!!

Amanda said...

Whew indeed! :)

Kat said...

Wow, I feel lazy :) Congratulations on getting so much accomplished, though!

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