Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shower invites

I think I've mentioned before about the couple's shower that my Mom and sisters are throwing for us, but I have to share the really cute invitations my Mom came up with!! They're almost as exciting as receiving our wedding invitations today!

First, she took one of those blue shop towels and folded into fours. She then took a sticker label and printed on it for the front and the inside info, attached a few other cutesy stickers, and voila!

Sorry for the tiny last picture...
I thought they turned out really cute!

And, in case you haven't made it over to EAD, I thought you all would like to see a few more pics of my invitations that arrived today!!


Guilty Secret said...

All gorgeous. Fantastic!

Blablover5 said...

I love the guys shower idea of using a shop towel.

tracy said...

That's such a cool idea that your mom came up with!!!

Kat said...

Those shower invites are really cute! And your wedding ones are gorgeous :)

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