Monday, October 20, 2008

November is DIY month over at Elizabeth Anne Designs

Hey y'all, Elizabeth Anne Designs is looking for DIY projects to post next month - and the winner gets a $100 gift card! All the entries will be posted, so even if you don't think your project is all that - send it anyways! You never know, and besides, somebody else may think it's really cool and want to "steal" it!

I'm planning on sending over my DIY programs and escort cards, after I work on them this week/weekend. I don't know that they'll be anything super special, but they are DIY, so...
In reality, I'm constantly in awe of so many brides out there and how super creative and talented they are! There are so many of those projects that I wouldn't have even thought of to do or to come up with! I'm really more of a home/decorating DIY gal. Want to recover your headboard? I can show you how. Easy bedskirt? Yep. But come up with the idea to print your wedding programs like old-fashioned telegrams - and to ACTUALLY EXECUTE IT TO PERFECTION??? Nope, not so much.

So submit your DIY projects over at EAD this month, and get over there next month to see the motherload of all DIY-goodness!! This is going to be such a great feature for all you brides still in the planning processes!


Lindsey said...

Your blog is too cute, I'm glad i found it!=)

Jenny.Lee said...

I am not much of an idea person either. I can't wait to see your program project!

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