Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is it okay to steal?

In this crazy world of wedding blogs, there are some seriously cool ideas that have been put out there. Lots of great ideas, pictures, instructions.... so my question is, do you think it's okay to "steal" these ideas??
For example, Miss Cupcake over at Wedding Bee had the idea to use vintage/cut glass with candles in them as centerpieces. The original picture came from Country Living, and I believe Perfect Bound posted about it first (if not, please let me know...). My late Grandmother and my Mother have both collected this type of glass for years and years, and so when I saw this idea it really resonated with me. I love it, and after seeing a mock-up with tealights and floating candles (which I did not take a picture of...) I know it will be gorgeous!!

Well, Miss Cupcake's brother must be just as awesome because he married Kim of Inspired Goodness, who has many many wonderful ideas herself!! For instance, I knew that I wanted a beautiful ribbon, something special, for my bouquet and my cake. Over at Elizabeth Anne Designs yesterday, they featured Kim's wedding and what would you know??

I totally love this ribbon. And since Kim was kind enough to provide the source for it on her website, I may be wrapping my bouquet and cake in some gorgeous and sparkly ribbon!!

But I do feel a little guilty about this. Should I feel bad for using ideas from other people's weddings? Or is it a compliment to them (I know if somebody stole one of my ideas, I would feel super flattered!)? Not all of my ideas are "stolen" from other people, and I am adapting some of these ideas to fit us and our wedding style, but I still feel like a hack sometimes. I wish I was as creative and talented as many of the brides out there, but sadly, and contrary to what my Mom says, I'm not. ;-)

Is there anything you've stolen or are adapting for your wedding??


Everything is going well. I completed my Week 2 Day 2 workout last night, but only maxxed out on 13 push-ups. I am still sore from working out with my trainer Monday night!! Also, I've started doing the push-ups on my knees as they are easier and I can achieve better form.


Blablover5 said...

Personally I am all for people stealing ideas. After all there really are no new ideas. In the end everyones done everything the difference are in the alterations you make.

Jenna said...

If you don't want your ideas stolen. Don't post them for the world to see. It's as simple as that.

Linda said...

I agree with blab. Nothing is really new just twisted and reinvented. Plus we all learn from each other.
Besides imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Melanie Johnson said...

Hey Rachel! Is it stealing? Why do we look at fashion magazines, copy the latest hairstyle or paint our walls that newest, hottest shade? Most of the time it is because we have seen it somewhere else. I think the key is to always infuse everything you do with your own personality and put a unique spin to it...then you own it. Even the greatest painters, playwrights, and musicians are inspired by each other. Your wedding is going to be gorgeous--I can't wait!

Guilty Secret said...

Do you know how we define creativity (in the creative field in which I work)? The application of old ideas to new things.

As Linda says, we're constantly "twisting and reinventing" - that is creativity in itself.

And as Jenna said, people put these things out there knowing they will potentially be copied.

You know what? If I found out that someone I didn't know had copied my entire wedding theme, I would think that was so flattering! If it were my best friend, I would want to kill her...

So, nowhere is this 'stealing' more appropriate than in the blogosphere, because that's what we're doing - sharing our plans and ideas.

As long as you give credit where it's due on your blog (as you have) go ahead - they'll be flattered!

Inspired Goodness said...

Hi Rachel,
As half of that duo, I have to agree that I don't really think there's such a thing as stealing. I like to think that other brides out there are influenced and inspired from my ideas.

On the other hand, I have a strong belief that any bride should add creative touches for her own wedding that reflects her hobbies, interests and personal tastes. Its one thing to recreate every idea you see and love, but to keep an event cohesive, a bride must constantly be editing ideas until in the end, the final result is a reflection of herself.

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

I don't think you're stealing for personal use. You're just using an idea for inspiration. If it's a direct copy and you sell it, then yes that is stealing.

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