Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday already!

This week has been going along quickly for me! I am so thankful that it's Thursday, because tomorrow we only work until 1:00 in observance of Labor Day (we also get off Monday!). It will be a nice long weekend for me, which I'm sure will go by too quickly.
Truthfully, I've still been in a bit of a funk this week. It kind of comes and goes. So I haven't really had a bunch to post about.

Monday I did get something nice, though! For part of my jewelry that I'm going to wear with my wedding dress, I've been searching for an elongated or oval-shaped brooch to wear on my dress, just below the empire waistline. It seems that all the new brooches you see are round, so I went looking on Ebay last Friday night and found a beautiful one! The seller was so great and got it out in the mail to me Saturday, and I received it Monday! It's perfect - just what I was looking for, and only about $25 including shipping. I am waiting to post a picture until I get the BRACELET that I also found! Hopefully, that will be coming today! I'll make sure to post pics of the brooch, earrings, and bracelet as soon as I get it! I'll be sparkly! ;-)

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!


Blablover5 said...

Lucky, getting off at 1. I'm very jealous now.

Guilty Secret said...

That's great news! I love when you know exactly what you want then you find it!

Hope you feel better now it's the long weekend :)

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